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As Kim so aptly put it, I’ve been a little pre-occupied for the past week with the grown-up matter of My Job, which from time to time involves the front pages of newspapers and real work.

But guess what? It’s a new week, and a new Monday, and yesterday’s news is wrapped around today’s greasy chips, and I can best sum it up by saying (because for most of the week I felt like a small hobbit on an arduous quest and because I let the Pea Princess watch the final LOTR yesterday): Well, I’m home.

Actually I’m not at home today and am missing the bliss of yoga pants and day long cuddles and Playschool. But we had an unusual offer of a full week of daycare and just couldn’t refuse.

I’m home in the cyber sense, and just in time to stop cyber crockery being thrown at the cyber walls by the sound of it!

My grateful thanks to Kim for keeping Glamorouse rousing during the week that was…

MTC onWashing Day – I don’t think we can go past Shane and Simone Warne for dirty laundry this week, can we?


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June 27th, 2005 at 11:26 am

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