Why men, when they know they’ve made you mad, don’t say sorry, just skulk around and MAKE YOU EVEN MADDER.

Why chocolate has to be so high in fat.

Things I HATE
People on the bus who
– listen to music so loudly through their headphones they might as well be carrying a portable stereo system and running a disco
– the same people as all they listen to is dance CRAP
– men who fail to see the merits of deodorant. WHY???

Uterine update
Bleeding has finally stopped. Dating scan booked for today week. If the cell-multiplier is still doing so, that is when we’ll know.
The growth of my girth has been so substantial over the last four days I will be shocked rather than upset if it hasn’t decided to hang on for the ride. Although, the significant comfort eating that has ensued since domestic dispute on Thursday night and inexplicable ‘spotting’ may have contributed to that somewhat.

Felix had school photos today – hair was washed AND brushed. Miracle.

Oscar had the best attempt at saying umbrella tonight – v.v. exciting. Also managed Mumbo – as I am being a bad parent reading them stories I loved as a child – eg, The Little Black Sambo.