Bumpy chunky ride

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Well, we’re entering into week 8. If week 7 was anything to go by its going to be a pretty bumby ride.
Chef came home early from work on Wednesday with gastro. I’d felt off all day but put it down to tiredness/morning sickness. Anyway, we got to about 6pm and bang, the spewing started.
He was in bed and had been since he got home, so Mum had been on kid duty, not even realising Chef was home in bed. I got the kids through dinner, bath and bedtime and then collapsed on the lounge in between bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea. Nice I know.
Anyway, the night before, I’d had a bright red bleed, so was pretty anxious as it was. It had turned to old blood on Wednesday, but still enough to put ‘dots’ on the pad. Then I got a temperature.
Two things you MUST avoid in first trimester – any virus and temperatures. So I was feeling pretty peachy as the baby was conceived when I was on antibiotics AND taking the pill. If this kid comes out half normal we’ll be laughing.
So – at 10 that night, I call labour floor and ask for their suggestions. They’re relpy goes along the lines of, if you’re miscarrying, which it sounds like you are, then we can’t and won’t do anything to stop it. They suggested I go to our local hospital, get a maxalon shot and try and rest. So off I go.
Sweet, sweet maxolon. oh beautiful drug to make the pain go away. Four hours and one shot in the arse later, I was on my way home. Told to REST.
I get into bed at around 1am. The next morning, CHEF DOES NOT EVEN GET UP AND HELP ME WITH THE CHILDREN. I mean, if your partner is going through a suspected miscarriage, wouldn’t you FRIGGIN’ GET OUT OF BED? No matter how sick you are? But no, not only did he stay in bed, EVEN AFTER I had let him sleep the whole afternoon and evening the night before as I was vomitting and pooing AS WELL – he couldn’t even do that.
He hasn’t apologised since, he hasn’t asked how I am, he hasn’t asked about the bleeding and HE HAS SLEPT IN EVERY SINGLE DAY since then.
I SOOOOO love it when my husband checks out of our marriage and our family.

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March 6th, 2005 at 2:47 pm