An unlikely turn of events

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I knew something was going on when, on Monday after enroling in my Masters at UTS, all I wanted was a mango smoothie.
How does something like that come into your head as a food of desire. Sure, a mango smoothie is good, but faced with an hour bus ride home, it should not EVER top the list. But, it did. And suddenly it dawned on me, the last time I craved dairy was when pregnant with Oscar.
So five days late we do the test.
It’s saying positive in about 5 seconds.
So, one ‘incident’, the mini pill and severe bronchitis treated with antibiotics = pregnancy.
And let that be a lesson to you all.

I am in this weird world – excitement at the cells multiplying inside my belly, relief that I shall soon (sooner than really should be necessary) will be returning to the land of big undies and elastisied pants.
Being the third time around I now look about 3 months pregant at 5 weeks. Encouraging hah.
Funny, the first time you don’t tell anyone, the second time you leak it to a few friends before family, the third time, you tell your cleaner (to find out about her family daycare arrangements), your friend with twins, and your swim coach (as a great excuse as to why you are STILL the slowest).
Family still doesn’t know – think we’re in too much shock to tell them quite frankly, and worried their response will be alarmingly negative.
We are however, BUSTING to tell the boys.

Chef’s first reply to me was, “well, you didn’t have sex with me this month”, then, “oh my god” and then, I can’t remember, lots of rubbing hands on face, shaking head and sort of muttering.
So, third time around, soon to be outnumbered by offspring, here we go…

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February 18th, 2005 at 10:00 pm

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