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Rained on the weekend – good heavy, continual rain. I love rain. Last week I said to Mum, “I need it to rain, my soul needs rain”. My mum thinks such statements are worthy of a giggle and probably melodramatic, but my skin was almost itching for water from the sky, not water from the shower head.

It was a long weekend – literally. I felt overwhelmed, under-slept, cranky, mopey, listless and cranky. I have no idea why. Can’t blame the hormones, but have been enjoying blaming the husband – Poppet, and mother – the Elder, in some pretty rancid headspace at times.

I realise this – what are we going to do when the Elder retires and is home all the time – one big long school holiday is just not worth considering.

And, I wish Poppet had a job that didn’t involve making him so tired.

That and I wish he’s actually try to lose the extra FORTY kilos he’s carrying around his waist, legs, arms, head – do some exercise and just get a little bit more invovled- willingly – in the family unit. That and I wish he didn’t enjoy computer games so much.

Hmmm, just sounds like I’m trying to change him doesn’t it. Worries me.

A friend – Des – once said to me, “Kim, love him for who he is and the reasons you fell in love, don’t hate him for the things he isn’t that didn’t used to matter.” Good hey? Just hard to remember when you’ve had interrupted sleep (again) for the good part of a month – yep, no more than 4 hours sleep at a stretch, various beds etc – and all you want is one morning TO SLEEP IN.

I think that is really the crux of it – I just want a sleep in, just one. But it’s never offered, never given when asked for, and never, well, just never.

Anyway, my beautiful God daughter’s birthday is on Wednesday – a grand big 2 year old! Have to think of a good pressie! Still owe her one for her first – but am trying to think of something long-lasting and yet adorable to a small child…

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October 7th, 2003 at 2:19 pm

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