Monday Madness

well, hasn’t today been a trip.


Fruit mince made for fruit mince tarts

Christmas cake for us made using a recipe from Margaret Fulton I heard on the radio the other day

Five mini Christmas cakes using my standard recipe made for presents

Vacuuming the ceiling on the verandah because my hatred of cleaning is only marginally pipped by my fear of spiders

Cleaned the glass door on the oven because I am so sick of Grover opening the oven to see how my cake/cookies/dinner is going


Didn’t go for a run – today is Run3 of Week5 of C25K – a 20 MINUTE NON-STOP number. Tomorrow.

Not buying in to other people’s panic and over-reaction to various situations and events.

Slicing in to that spectacular looking cake up there only to discover it is undercooked. Oh YES IT IS.