Food really does cure all ills

A cold weekend is a good weekend I say. It provides carte blanche for unrestricted and comprehensive eating and ditto for cooking.

Saturday featured some pretty darn tasty spag bol and a choc self saucing pudding, the recipe of which originated from dear friend Sook and seems failproof and to easy every time I make it.

Last night featured left over spag bol. There had been intentions of making a lasagne, but by the time I made a Christmas Pudding for our no-we-really-do-have-a-life Christmas in July party this Friday, I was feeling a tad over it.

So instead, I whipped up a caramel self-saucing pudding thanks to fellow control freak Donna Hay in one of the Sunday paper mags yesterday. What a treat it was.

Then an evening of tele and – sigh – figure skating on ESPN.

Too good.

staring the gift horse right in the mouth


today we had free tickets into the zoo. That sounds fairly tame but when you consider it would otherwise have cost almost $100 just to get into the joint, its a great thing.


So lets play the day…
Oscar falls asleep in the car
Felix insists he is pretending to be asleep, so wakes him up to prove it.
We arrive, and have to wait a little while for the people we’re getting the tickets from.
Felix decides this is a good time to play in the garden beds.
We get in.
First whinge about not buying them Madagascar merchandise – Felix swings a ceramic mug around as if its an object that won’t smash into a bazillion pieces on dropping.
Then “I want an iceblock”. Play this line over and over like a chorus in your head behind all that follows.
At the map place (so we’re like, 5 metres into the zoo) Oscar has a melt down and almost throws himself into the manky duck pond. From what we can gather, this is solely because he can’t see the giraffes from where he is standing.
Oscar wants to see the giraffes and ride in the skyway, Felix wants to see dingoes. I’m freezing.
Felix calls me over to the manky duck pond where, for the first time in my life, I see ducks mating.
We wander down the hill. There’s a Felix fuss about not being able to see the wombat well, even though it is less than a metre from them. This is because I won’t pick him up.
Are you still playing the “I want an iceblock” refrain?
Meltdown at the koalas as they are not giraffes nor an outlet for iceblocks.
We make our way to giraffes. On the way we see the dingoes. Well, one. The other one is sleeping in the furthest corner of the enclosure.
A scene follows when Felix accidentally swings the binoculars around and it hits Oscar in the temple.
Oscar has another meltdown at the mere fact we try to move on.
I take Felix to the chimpanzees – where I proceed to see one
Oscar and AB are about 10 metres away and Oscar is s.c.r.e.a.m.i.n.g.
The type where people stare then shake their head at the appalling parenting that must instigate such behaviour.
How’s that “I want an iceblock” working for you?
We find iceblocks.
It starts to rain.
We make our way to the skycar.
AB and Felix have a joke that we’re going to crash. This naturally freaks Oscar out.
We finish the ride and leave.
Oscar melts down that he has somehow been tricked and we’re now outside the zoo.
Whole trip – 1 hour 10 minutes.


All that aside…
Made spag bol for dinner and chocolate sludge pudding. Divine.
Pulled spare mattresses into the lounge room and the boys and I watched Tele in bed. They’re now sleeping down there having a big adventure.


What do you say when people just going about their everyday lives are killed in a pointless horrific stunt by a group of extremists?

the outskirts of Crazytown

As you can probably tell, my headspace is pretty cloudy at the moment and I’ve realised things that should therefore not be added to the mix:
- red wine (sorry incubus)
- caffeine (again, sorry incubus and I’m sure I’ll stop clenching my jaw and shaking any time soon now)
- raisin toast w/ butter – the heartburn, combined with the caffeine induced manic sense of apprehension is killing me!

Things I should be doing:
– drinking green tea
– listening to ClassicFM as opposed to Nova or Triple J
– eating lots of fruit and vegetables (that won’t happen until after payday on Thursday week)
– thinking calm and happy thoughts (not how draconian the Liberals or how fascist employer organisations are, or how rude and selfish Sydney has become or how my life and mental wellbeing is completely hinged on the state of our bank balance)

because it dawned on me this morning that if I stay on this road of ugly thoughts, I may, in the words of one of my favourite websites, “plunge into a dark downward spiral the likes of which will make Kate Holmes-Cruise’s recent antics look like nothing more than a gentle gust of wind on the outskirts of Crazytown.. . . .

Batten down the hatches

There are days when you cry too often, or are too quick to tears. When you think ill of too many people for too slight an issue (although the pure vitriol I feel for those who do not stand for a pregnant woman, instead are content to sit and watch her – ie me – stand for over an hour on a bus commute home, is I feel, completely warranted). When you eat too much with it drawing little comfort, solace or even just satiation. When you procrastinate too long by simply staring at the computer screen, keyboard, or wall. When no matter how hard you look for, write down and remind yourself of the wonderful things in your life it all seems lost, inconsequential or incidental. When your heart seems sluggish and resentful at having to beat at all.
These are the days I feel the rollershutter of my soul jarring shut, early ‘for personal reasons. We regret the inconvenience and will open again in the near future.’

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