Today is our philosophy day and these are just some of the questions that have been hanging around in my head:

– if the baby is already so big in that it is very easy to tell which in utero body part is which, that I am weeing every 45-60 minutes, that I can’t get a good deep breath, that I have to wake up to roll over, that when I walk further than five metres, I can feel the incubus sink so low into my pelvis he/she might as well be taking care of my forest-like bikini line while they’re down there, that I have no energy now to just get around the supermarket, let along put things (other than my body weight in Jaffa cake biscuits) into a trolley, then unload them at the checkout, then load them into the trolley (again), then into the car, then out of the car, then into the pantry/fridge/shelf, then how the hell am I going to get through the next NINE WEEKS.

– why does my brother’s life and approach to it irritate me so much? I have worked out that it is basically jealousy. That each and every day I step up to the plate, while he just blithely goes along. Its not how he chooses to live his life, or that my mother will make excuses for his atrocious life choices and impressive, comprehensive, unrelenting laziness – its that he can, and does, do this each and every day. All the while I feel guilty for not giving my kids enough greens…

– why does it take an emotional disaster zone (such as a marriage split) to make people see what they had? and that it is too late to get it back.

– why Why WHY must cherries be a) from the US and b) $20 a kilo at the moment. Oh where is the justice?

– WHY do school shoes cost NINETY dollars? I know, I could get them at BigW, or KMart, or Target, but these are kids growing feet, kids growing with superleg splints that need to be accommodated feet.

That’s all really.

Wow – wrong AGAIN

So not only did I get the wrong day last week, I got it completely wrong this week. Tops.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the twins.

They’re THREE – this means you almost, ALMOST have a tinsy bit of your life back.

Centennial Park, Sydney, the view from the rug. Posted by Picasa

“Hey Josh, don’t look down yet but Liz just dropped her wallet. Kick it under the table while the others are still singing and we’ll stash it in the locker during nap time.”

The Evil Twin continues to fund her campaign for world domination. Birthday number 3, Friday 12 August, 2005. Posted by Picasa

Deserving of a post all to itself.

In light of my previous mention, our illustrious ABC TV is currently showing a series entitled

We Can Be Heroes: Finding the Australian of The Year

When a program has a title that can make me smile, its already a winner.

I wholeheartedly recommend you go to the above website and spend some time getting to know the characters and – for those Norwegian and Japanese readers we seem to attract – while it may be difficult to comprehend the humour we call Australian when incorporating translation as well, I hope the treat of this program’s existence is not completely lost.

As Pat Mullins says: I may be disabled…but I can roll.

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