That man…

whoever he may be, deserves every unfortunate, blood on his hands type incident, coming his way.

So wrong. So very very wrong.

What’s worse than getting your information from the peel-off strip on a sanitary pad?

Being told one of the strange-but-true facts you’ve read on the peel-off strip … by a man.

True story.

Freaked me out.

There’s a rule about not going through the bathroom bin, right?

By the way, NOT the Professor.


when a foodie goes bad…

rock bottom has arrived.

Heartburn has driven me to hurl too many times in the last week.

Tonight, for dinner, I ate two slices of Burgen rye with one slice of ham and… deep breath… Masterfoods Corn Relish.

What’s worse. It tasted so very very good.

Boanthropy and other perplexing questions

I’m wondering how to explain my sudden explosion of quirky facts and general knowledge of staggering uselessness when it has come largely from the plastic protector of the sticky-part off sanitary pads…

Today’s useless brain filler:
Boanthropy: a disease in which a person thinks they’re an ox.


so very very impressed.
every time I’ve walked along my hallway this past week I have run my fingertips over paint test patches and scraped-back damp (now dry!) sections, and thought of you…


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