Woog and Berry – episode 15

We really are hilarious.


So looky here. How many months since an actual post? With words? Who knows if this even works anymore.

So much has happened in 2016. Dare I say it, but it has been my year. A settled household as we’ve all adjusted to the family realignment, a period of ridiculously good fun online dating, a FULL TIME editor’s gig, and… most importantly, new love.

I’ve made a quiet pact with myself to come back here, to start journalling this really happy part of my life, seeing as much of this blog charts the darker days of my adulting.

Let’s see how I go.


Woog & Berry – episodes 11 and 12

I am such a slack arse. Episode 11 was recorded two weeks ago, so maybe catch-up with that one first.

There’s so much going on, new love, new job, all the kids, life, commuting, I need to come back here. To share and to journal. Let’s get onto that shall we.




Woog & Berry – Episode 10

Woog & Berry – episode 9

We’ve taken our cotton-pickin’ time getting this one to bed, but we promise it’s totally worth the wait!


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