and breathe…

drinks were served under this tree at our wedding – almost 15 years ago(!)

The entirety of Chef’s clan headed off to a family friend’s farm for the long weekend. It was noted that a family of five is now a family of 17 AND stable at that, unless M & J decide to adopt a baby from a developing nation and round out our very own Modern Family.

Awesome family, useless yabby catchers

I love this family. This white bread, straight-up, suburban family. It’s risen to life’s curve balls more than once and done so with grace, good humour and tears.

compulsory artsy shot

I am so so blessed to have become a part of this clan.



Wollombi: Part 2


I have a lot of them. When I was little I had very little in common with any of them. Our parents were in some not-so-subconscious competition with each other about who was brighter/thinner/prettier/going to be more successful and I mean, how could that not permeate our direct relationships? I always felt like the black sheep and comments from some of my cousins when I was ten that went along the lines of ‘you’re not really our cousin because you’re adopted’ really only cemented my feelings of being an outsider. 

So when I see the boys have an absolute blast with their cousins, it just warms the cockles of my heart. 

Catching tadpoles:


(how utterly adorable is my niece)
Zombies: (a theme of the whole weekend)

Portrait time!:

iPhone = kiddie crack:

THE most fun from the entire weekend – tractor rides: