Retirement and new starts

I’ve decided this old girl has served me well. For the moment she’s going to relax in the back paddock.

Please come and visit me for all the food I’m making and baking at:




I’m so sorry if you keep getting these dodgy posts in your inbox – I am fighting with technology this evening to try and reconnect the blog with the blog’s FB page and well, the interwebs is not playing nice.

the allconsuming Christmas shopping guide 2012

Apparently it’s 45 days until Christmas. This generally means it’s 43 days until I start my Christmas shopping but this year I thought I’d mix it up and THINK about gifts as opposed to buying what was left on the shelf.

Who’d turn down a tardis rubdown?

Magnum Pi. Geddit?
Lightsaber iceblock moulds. What is not to love?
The 11th Dr Who sonic screwdriver. I basically will need four of these.

All the above are from Think Geek

T-shirts of awesome from dpcted:

I want this for me!


For Chef


I have a longstanding love for the humour and illustrations of Jason Sweeney:

Even titmice think it’s funny


I don’t get it myself, but apparently this is totally necessary (it’s a Razer Mamba gaming mouse) (apparently):

I call this $169 of why.

And that’s just for starters.