One thing to look forward to in 2010

So it’s well established that 2010 is going to throw some hefty challenges our way which, coupled with the cold hard reality that I need to find some paid work and fast (anyone need a freelance writer/editor/proof-reader who works from home and during school hours and late at night? CALL ME!), is making me pretty sweaty and by that I mean not pretty sweaty like pretty fat but really really sweaty and nervy and clamy and all ‘this too shall pass’ and ‘just keep swimming’ and ‘it will all be alright in the end’ and ‘now where did I put that jumbo box of chocolate/chips/saturated-fat-laden food item.

So when this appeared on my Facebook page I knew 2010 is going to deliver some awesomeness too.

(apologies for the link as opposed to the embedding – it wouldn’t do it for me. I KNOW.)

Top 18

We start with silver suits, epileptic-fit enducing lighting, some awesome in-sync dancing and we’re away.
The second week of SYTYCD US starts… well, it does for us in Aus. For those readers in the US you have permission to leave early.

Who’s your favourite so far?
Who already makes your neck itch?

Cat is wearing some Velvet number with a feathery (furry?) ruff around the hem. An outfit only she could pull off without looking like some sort of fluffy duck.

OH Mia Michaels is on tonight. She’s lost weight this season and has a very natty haircut. I like it a lot.

Theyne and Chelsea
I like these two, but Theyne? What is that name.
And they are some killer sideburns

Their routine last week doing the ChaCha(?) was hot hot hot.
This week – Jazz with Mandy Moore.

Is it just me but are all the girls wearing as little as possible this season?

Anyway, we’re off and dancing.
Untouched by our very own Veronicas. Did you see them at the ARIAS? So thin.
Anyway, it feels a little laclustre.
We’re in some sort of gothic homage to Elizabethan dress.
Unfortunately what is probably meant to look like a bustle looks like a nappy. Unfortunate.
Mia doesn’t like it – says they didn’t nail it.
OH DEAR LORD what is going on with Mary’s hair? and the outfit? Those poor breasts.
So many train analogies.
They’re not on the hot tamale train anymore, they’re in the caboose.
OH, now the train jumped the tracks.
Theyne is very good looking.

Drats. Getting kids out of baths
Chelsie and Mark are up.
What is this? The tango?
They seem very good. Impressive splits in the air, excellent ‘connecting’ with each other.
Oh, this should get raves from the judges, surel.y
Chelsea has quite the rack. And a stubby pinky toe.
Mia loves them – she’s all smiles.
Mary loves them. I can’t get past the fact she used a crimper. Or has Christmas baubles around her neck with dangly earrings as well.

Jessica and Will
OK, the only girl who makes my neck itch is up but I really like her partner.
It was the group act in the eliminations where she got all bolshy.
I thought their tango last week was weak and then there was that whole bit where she wobbled.
They’re OK – I think there are some bits where the judges will say Jessica’s edges were too soft.
Mia picks Jessica totally – ‘a bit cheerleader like’. That she wasn’t even on the stage.
And raves about Will. Calls him a genius.
Mary’s with Mia – ‘not quite there’ ‘powder puffy’, Will is a force to be reckoned with.
is trying to build Jessica up but you know, too little too late.

Matt and Kourtnee
I like these two, I think Matt is really good looking and I just like her.
Last week’s routine was a bit hit and miss though.
This week we’re doin the foxtrot.
Hmm, unflattering frock. She looks dumpy. At that says a lot seeing as she’s 5’9.
I think she and I have the same body type actually as she doesn’t really have a waist.
Mia liked it. She’s not effusive, she loves Matt though. He’s refined.
She doesn’t think Coutney owns her size or length. Which I sort of get.
Mary loves the choreography but is slightly disappointed.
Nigel isn’t disappointed. Phew.
Everyone is very strong. But there were parts that needed more honesty.

Courtney and Gev
Last week they did disco which was a bit hit and miss.
A love dance.
Oh, so much better than the disco. He’s got a bit crush on her. It helps.
Mia didn’t love it as much as I thought she would. She’s hard on Courtney and loving Gev. She’s all about the blokes tonight.
Mary loved it. She’s screaming.
Nigel thinks they fit each other.

Katee and Joshua
I think Katy has to go a long way to regain public opinion of her after her little performance at the picking of the Top 20.
I love Joshua. L.o.v.e. him.
They were great doing hip hop last week and this week looks the same.
This week is broadway. Again, they are really good from the very first note.
I love that sort of piece. Love it. I want a piece like it every week.
Nigel is UP! He’s dancing! He’s yelling!
It was – as Nigel says – pure entertainment.
Oh Mary thinks they should come with a warranty – satisfaction guaranteed.
Apparently Joshua is in the tralala part of his heart.
Mia thought it was amazing.
I want hair like Mia Michaels.
Lots of talk about their spirit. And Mia reckons their bodies are right their with the spirit. Which you know, you’d hope was the case as well, otherwise, wouldn’t they be dead?
Again, Joshua is apparently a force to be reckoned with.

Susie and Marquis
Oh I forgot about this one – she makes my neck itch as well.
It strikes me she’d look more at home on The Real Wives of Orange County.
This season it seems that if you don’t like it that much you say you like the choreography and not the performance.
All three judges are talking in terms of things being laboured, too calculated, too much thought, not enough down into it.
All disappointed in Suzie as this is her thing.
More chemistry in High School Chemistry 101 than on that stage.
Thanks Mary.

Kherrington and Twitch
I like these two – she has great hair.
Twitch is funny. As in funny hahah.
They’re doing the Viennese Waltz tonight and Twitch is hilarious – ‘I don’t know anything about the Viennese. I hear they’re good people.’ Funny guy. With fake glasses.
OH GAH – to Celine. Still, they are nailing it.
Did I mention what awesome hair Kerrington has?
Can you tell mine hasn’t been cut since January?
Oh, we’re fighting back tears.
Mia and Nigel are disagreeing. Nigel thinks she is one of the most beautiful dancers they’ve ever had on the show.
OK. Mary is fully crying. Kerrington is an angel, Twitch is insane.
Nigel is gushing.
So much love in the room.

Oh I can feel it – Australian Idol starts in two weeks. Oh yes it does. And lets all say a quiet prayer of gratitude that the crazy fucknuckle that is (was?) Mark Holden has gone from this season. Gaaawwwwwn.

Comfort and Chris
Last week they were AWESOME.
This week they’re crumping.
It’s Comfort’s thing. Debutante Chris looks scared.
I think he does it well.
Mia is giving praise but it feels almost like criticism.
Mary is mellow.
Nigel is just in form tonight. Apparently his grandmother is more gangster than Chris.
He really is a geeky white guy. Poor pet.


So I just went to the official website to check spelling of names?
To discover the whole season is over.
And who the winner is.

GOD I HATE the programmers at Channel 10.

So You Think You Can Dance – THE FINAL!

OMG – beyond EXCITED.

We start with a performance from all the Top 20 AND the judges.
Jase looks hot. I kinda wish the judges had done this more often – it’s galvanising.
OH the final four – Demi, Rhys, Kate and Jack – OH how hard to know who’s going to win – and ALL of them being SO NICE.

There’s 30 minutes left to vote – which means we’re going to get some more routines and retrospectives – AWESOME.

Isn’t it funny – any other show and these time fillers are just irritating. But on this show, the chance to see them dance more is AWESOME.

Guest spot with the Tap Dogs – OH MY- SWOON ONE HUNDRED TIMES OVER.
Hot guys doing tap.
And the Tap Pups – they may be enough to sway Felix from being a drag queen.
Is there anything more intoxicating that tap dance?
I adore it.

Can I just interrupt my gushing for a bit of snark.
I’m not sure what or how many animals died for Nathalihie Bashthinghwhaithhehe’s dress, but it makes her look rather thick-waisted. And as someone who was born with a thick waist, it’s not something I would have thought anyone would actually strive to recreated.

From the SYTYCD website, the four finalists:
I think he will win.

She so deserves to win.

Is just a honey.

Has no technical training as a dancer and has made it to the final four – there is clearly a support base.

A look back at the Top 100.
They got it down to 48.
Can you imagine getting that close and not getting it.
Oh – they showed a glimpse of Demi signing to the camera that she got into the Top 20 (for her deaf sister). Sniff. Oh who am I kidding. It made me cry like a baby.

OK, so some routine with girls in pink pvc space-age tutus and guys in metallic tracksuits and helmets.
In the words of Felix, ‘It’s weird but it’s cool’.
Not my thing. Next!

Special Guest performance #2 – the cast from Billy Elliot
You know, this is really good for Felix to see – in terms of options.

Natalie has man legs.
I’m just saying.

Oh – from the Top 20 to the Top 10.
I was really sorry to see Cassie and Hilton go as early as they did.
Oh, and Marco – I thought he was good.
Wow – Week four produced three of the top 4 most viewed routines.

OH, the Top 10 doing a group routine.
A bit boring actually.

The Top 4 perform.
Nice. They all seem a bit tired if you ask me.
Or maybe that’s relief?
Voting closed just before they performed.

So, here we are… crunch time.

The first person who is safe:
The second person who is safe:
Oh Goodness – if Rhys is out already. GASP.
The third person still in the running:

Demi is officially fourth.
Natalie’s crying. Judges are giving her a standing ovation.
Jase is right – she is pure sunshine. One of the most joyous people he’s ever met and you could see that each and every week.

Marco and Stephanie are doing a routine -I wasn’t listening so I’m not sure why.
Camilla and Sersmah doing their samurai story.
Laura and Anthony doing disco -they look rusty.
Rhys and Jemma doing a waltz
(I’m guessing we’re doing the Top 10 routines?)
I missed the intro, but I’ve come in to Rhiannon and JD doing the routine that they made a fist of. No pressure.
YHere’s Hilton and Kate – I wish Hilton had been given a longer stint on the show.
It appears nearly all of these routines are Jason Gilkinson routines.
Cassie and Graeme – Cassie was out in the first week? Or maybe the second. Somewhere up the front.
Henry and Vanessa do the African samba. She was always so good if she didn’t speak.

Brace yourselves, we’re about to get the top 2.

Damien Leith is singing the song from Donnie Darko which I always think is sung by REM but isn’t at all.
Someone is dancing but no idea who it is. I think it’s the young kid who was too young to be on the show.
Knew it.
Caleb. He’s just turned 16.
OH MY. They’ve just told him he’s been given a $10,000 scholarship from Optus to study at Sydney Dance Company.
This show is ALL.ABOUT.THE.LOVE.

OK. The pointy end.

The first person through to the final two…
Yay yay and more yay.

The next person through to the final two…

Kate is out.
It’s between the boys.
I’m a bit bummed because I really thought she’d win it.

Jack or Rhys???

That girl singing the bleeding song – Leona Lewis.

And another outfit change and they’re in the same pants with Jack in a red shirt and Rhys in purple.
And at this stage that’s what we’re reduced to? The Wiggles?
Doing the retrospectives.
I can’t stand it! JUST TELL US!

Oh, a final dance routine.
To The Cat Empire. AWESOME.
And of course – choreographed by Jason Gilkinson.

So here we are.
A little pep talk from Mia Michaels.
A final word from the judges and here we have it.
The winner is…
(please be Rhys, please be Rhys, please be Rhys)


Jack wins $200,000, a trip to the US, a session with Mia Michaels and other stuff.

So You Think You Can Dance – The Final FOUR*

*with guest commentator – Chef.

Chef wants to know what’s going on with Natalie I love the h Bahshthsthwightwhaitheh boobs – the one on the sparkly side seems to have been pushed up so high and in that it’s now under her armpit.

Thanks to Jase for stating the bleeding obvious – there’s four left. Um, derr.
And did anyone else glimpse Jase’s awesome hat hair?
Ahhh Bonnie being the embodiment of mutton dressed as lamb once more.
So proud of herself that she’s discovered some rare morsel of truth – they can all dance. Um, derr.

Wow, straight into it – Jack and Demi – look at those pegs. And I love those dresses that shimmy when they move.
Chef doesn’t think she’s wearing undies and thought she was going to give a lapdance to the judges.
See what I put up with.
Oh, apparently that was a Jason Gilkinson routine. We all love Jason Gilkinson – the best choreographer in the universe apparently.
Hands up who wishes Bonnie had stayed in UK for her son’s wedding?
Chef’s wondering when someone’s going to start talking about how it’s been a journey.
That’s one of the few performances of the season that I want to watch again.

Mmm, Big Brother – about the only reality tv I won’t watch. Actually that’s not entirely true, there’s heaps I won’t watch, but BB tops the list.
And that little snippet – of the Grandmother who admires Pauline Hanson? Just the thought of seeing a glimpse of a bigoted old lady’s saddle bags just guaranteed we won’t be tuning in.
Has anyone tried those Boost bars with nuts? OH MY GOD – so good.
Maid of Honour promo – could be a goer.
Promo to go live above some landfill in some McMansion. Noice.
$30million in Oz Lotto – Chef wants us to win. Um YEAH.
Phone ad.
Bigot Granny on again. G’AH.
For real? How many ads do we need? Painful.

Kate and Rhys doing hip hop dressed as toy soldiers.
OH my.
A case study in unison.
I love Jack and Demi, but these two are my absolute favourites.
Oh, OK, Jase is back with the throwing thanks out to to Supple, the choreographer.
Jase is barracking for these two and good on him.
Awesome work.

Chef has bowed out – he tires easily for constructs he sees as the embodiment of conceit.
More ads.
Here watch this instead, it’s Jack and Kate from a few weeks back:

Poor Rhys, straight back on stage with Demi.
Wow – to Chasing Cars.
It’s exhilarating. So fresh and alive.
Dear LORD I’m sounding like Bonnie. Sorry.
Wow – this was Rhys’ first contemporary routine in the whole series.
Just lovely.

More ads. SNORE.
Can someone enlighten me as to who that guy is they use to do the promos for Sony? I am guessing he’s some famous American rapper or dancer or some such.
WOW – Camilla already doing endorsements – with JD. For metameucil. Not quite Nike but I guess you have to start somewhere.
Still trying to flog those Pringles Rice. M’eh.

It must be Kate and Jack – this should be good.
To Alecia Keys No One.
I love these two dancing together.
I SO want Kate to win. I love Jack and Rhys, but Kate has just blown everyone out of the water each and every week. Amazing.
Look at Jack – what a honey.

Guess what… more ads.
Here, watch this instead, from last week

Demi and Kate – How weird – I wasn’t thinking there’d be same sex action.
It’s some sort of homage to Charlie Chaplin and old silent movies – very clever, very tricky, very well done. And such a weird pairing of Demi and Kate.
As Matt said, it would have been nice to see them dancing as chicks.

Now we get Jack and Rhys
OH man, dancing a routine to Chicago.
OH man OH MAN, these guys are AMAZING.
Now I would be perfectly happy if Kate, Jack or Rhys win.

Group dance – a bit of fun – I am feeling tired just thinking about how hard these guys worked to get to this week. Man.

Another Kate moment. Graeme was gawwwn last week.

So You Think You Can Dance – The Final FOUR


Demi (who I thought was going to either pass out or vomit she looked so nervous)

Vanessa was incredibly skilled technically but just void of the emotional depth to carry off anything with any gravitas. And THAT FUCKING VOICE.

Graeme – OH MAN – he’s crying. What a beautiful man.

But the Australian voting public got it right.

My pick for the winners?
Kate and Rhys.
Overall winner – who the hell knows!