On other matters…

While my world is imploding, did you know the Royal Family has its own Flikr account!?!


Thanks to Lexi for directing me to all its deliciousness.

well that was unexpected

It’s been a year since I dipped my toe in the craft pool. Since then I’ve made six quilt covers (finishing four of them), made myself a dress (which I have worn twice because I have to iron it), a few stuffed toys, several reversible handbags and learnt how to crochet.

I think we can safely say that me and crafting/sewing is a keeper.

Which meant the reality of the sewing machine (a huge, clunky 40 year old Pfaff of Mum’s) and my small but still present collection of sewing paraphernalia and fabrics living at the end of the dining table was shitting me to tears and making my neck itch to a point of irritation.

In the garage was an old IKEA trestle table that had been my brother’s desk as a teenager. I’m telling you, that shit is indestructible.

So in what can only be called a fit of productive inspiration I now have a sewing table come desk where MY STUFF lives (as opposed to being moved from dining table to kitchen bench to sideboard to dining table to floor to WHERE THE FUCK HAS THAT REALLY IMPORTANT PIECE OF PAPER I HAD RIGHT HERE GONE).

OH sure, there was no room for more furniture in our sucky open-plan living space but I’ve made room.

What? You have to turn into Gumby to sit at the dining table. Suck it up sunshine. Mummy has a table.

And there are those ridiculous Christmas wall decals I put up last week. Five bucks for all that. And there’s more of them going along the rest of the wall. It’s not as crooked as it looks in that photo.

Now I need some storage boxes to go under my desk to hold my paltry fabric stash.

Yep, there really is that amount of crappe lying around our place on any given day.

Send help. Or alcohol.

I just don’t know myself anymore…

1. On Friday night I put up Christmas wall decals (they were really cheap at the Christmas store at Forestway Fruit Market).

2. Today I saw this on Loobylu‘s site and thought, ‘how adorable’ and went to order the pattern (I stopped myself but it’s only a matter of time).

3. I am into Week 3 of C25K and am loving it. I was a runner as a child so I figure this should not be that surprising. What is shocking is that I am running in a singlet top and bike shorts. In daylight. I have even taken to taking next door’s dog with me. I KNOW!

4. I am wearing clothing that bares my upper arms. Dudes, I have not worn sleeveless items of clothing since c1980. I have had bingo wings/foodoobadahs/tuck-shop arms since puberty. It’s not pretty. It appears I no longer care about public health and safety.

5. I am into week 5 of losing weight. I have neither forgotten that I am attempting to lose weight or given up. I’m down 5.5kgs.

6. In 1992 Chef and I went on a holiday together to Tasmania. We played Scrabble. He beat me. Badly. Being somewhat unhinged tempestuous I threw the Scrabble board in frustration. This would have been far more dramatic was it not Travel Scrabble, thereby meaning the pieces were magnetised and well, you can guess the rest. Fast forward to 2010 and now the proud owner of an iPhone (a totally new addiction I now how to reign in) Chef and I have started playing Words with Friends. Dudes, I have whipped.his.arse. TWICE. OH YEAH BABY. Of course in the current game I’m 70 points behind and seem to have a serve of vowels to make an Eastern European jealous but who the fuck cares. TWO GAMES IN A ROW. Bring it.


A random update of sorts

as I procrastinate out of cleaning the kitchen; emptying the dishwasher; hanging out two loads of washing; washing make-up off my face; flossing; putting sorted washing away.

1. I wore new clothes today. Some people noticed and asked why I was looking so fancy. Some – my mother – told me I looked ‘flashy’ which could be code for fat or slutty or cheap or just her way of trying to get from me how much it cost. Who the hell knows. But most importantly, the outfit featured an underwire bra. Not on display of course. And apart from the chest pains mid-afternoon due to an underwire issue, it felt good. First time one of those has been on this body on about three freakin’ years.

2. I also wore stockings and heals and people? I might have an amazonian gut and bosom aplenty but the legs are hot and being able to show them off makes me feel pretty darn good.

3. I’m trying new dos with my hair and I’m liking it – it’s tousled. Or according to Chef:
‘What’s going on with your hair poppet? It looks like sex hair’
Ha ha. hahahahahaha.

4. AB and I were talking about the little boys carers and were appalled at our lack of care in that there were some we didn’t know from a bar of soap. They are referred to as “skanky hoe” and “gigantor dwarf”. The latter of which – as Chef and I were trying to explain her appearance (all I had got to was a tall oompah loompah which I thought was better than Chef’s definition of ‘the one who looks like she has downs’) we got to this definition and people, we were laughing so hard the children came running from all corners of the house to see what on earth this was – Mummy and Daddy? Laughing? But Crying?

5. Jasper is still wearing his one piece cossie as his clothing of choice every single day. Even to kindy. You know, child #3 should simply be named ‘the path of least resistance’.

6. Grover is now standing without holding on to anything. Yeah.

7. I don’t know but I like a list to go to 10.

8. It’s not going to happen.

The weekend

has been spent trying not to simmer over an awful day at work on Friday when every shred of trust in my work unit was destroyed.

I have actually had moderate success. It’s just the quiet moments when it pervades my being and suddenly I’m snapping at people and have to drag myself out of it.

Soccer started yesterday. Eugh. Felix was on fire, scored a goal and got the certificate for best player on the team – seriously, I thought his heart was going to burst through his chest with that one. Hope he hasn’t peaked too early!

Chef only works Saturday nights on the weekends now. That means we have all the family together on a weekend for the first time in about 10 years. Apart from the eleventy gagillion hours we seem to be watching of AFL, it is really quite lovely.

This morning we went into the city to Chinatown and did Yum Cha at East Ocean. OMG – soooo good.

I’m on the verge of a migraine since last night so have actually been doing v. little and lying on the lounge. The ramifications of this will flow through the week with a filthy house and no-one having clean clothes, but quite frankly, that’s why driers and take away were invented. Surely.

That’s about it.