In which I declare war… and other stuff.

So you know my rules?

The boys have been sorely tested by them. Sneaking on the xBox when I’m not in the room then forgetting they’re being sneaky by getting so engrossed in the game and not realising I’ve returned to our OPEN PLAN YOU NUMBNUTS living area and then all falling down dead when I just turn it off BEFORE THEY CAN SAVE IT OOOHOOHOOH THEPAINTHEAGONY.

It has been a very hard slog. One in which I showed moments of weakness only to then smack myself in the head because if I’ve learnt anything over the last 13 years it’s that if you have drawn your line in the sand, pitched your battle, set the parametres then

Oh the wailing.

Oh the gnashing of teeth.

Oh the emo.

Oh the torturous WHINGING OF DEATH.

But I have held firm and today I did the ultimate. I hid every.single.controller. Including the computer mouse.

And you know what? Instead of the foot stomping and wailing and gnashing of teeth?


Not a nada.

What did they do instead?

They visited next door (as did I for a chin wag); they visited across the road (as did I, for a chin wag); they played out the front for a while; we watched Glee together; they p.l.a.y.e.d. together, creating a game with their lego aeroplanes. Each of them with a role.

There was, let’s take a moment, NO fighting. No tears. No “I DIDN’T GET A LONG TURN”.

OH I know I know, tomorrow will be all out war once more but dudes, today, today I WON.


In other news I washed Felix’s sheets today. DEAR GOD I needed a HAZMAT suit. I had to WASH.THE.PILLOWS. as well as the bedding. What the hell is it with boys and boy smell???


In other news, today I ran 8kms. I think I have shin splints and I am psychologically challenged by the whole running caper at the moment but know it will go once I get over this week. Why is the third week of a program the hardest? It was the same with C25K and now the same with Bridge to 10K. Weird.

Re the shin splints –  I had them as a teenager and have a vague recollection the pain was similar. I am trying to ignore them because there is no way I’m not running.


In other news, according to the scales I have lost 9kgs since October last year. But that was yesterday. This morning it said I’d only lost 5 so either I need to do a really big shit or am as full of air as you all can already confirm.


In other news, I am still the Queen of Supreme Organisation and feeling damn good about it to.


In other news I had a meeting today with someone who might be able to manufacture my little business idea. To say I am giddy with excitement and sick with anticipation is an understatement.



OK, school’s back, here are the rules.

Dear Children,
I know the last six weeks have been bountiful in hot chips and McDonald’s and staying up late and getting up early and fighting with your siblings all day long but now school is back some things are going to change around here.

1. Absolutely NO xBox on weekdays.
2. Absolutely NO TV in the mornings.
3. Little fellas, get your ears around this new reality because it’s gonna hurt. You will be in your bedroom by 7pm. There will be stories and songs until 7.30pm. And then, THEN you will go to sleep. In your own bed. On your own. Suck it up sunshine.
4. Big fellas, well, big fellas, bed is still at 8pm. Seeing as Oscar is picked up by the school bus at 6:50am I see this being no drama for him whatsoever. Felix, you can get your stomp on but this is how it is.

And now, for me.
1. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are running mornings. That is up at 5am and out the door. NO EXCUSES.
2. You must be up at 6am otherwise. You know anything later only results in mayhem and tears. Deal with.

For Chef and me.
1. From school home time and work home arrival it is Team Berry Time. That means no laptop time, no Twitter, no anything except each other and the kids. It’s all hands on deck, it’s meals, it’s stories, it’s bathing, it’s homework, it’s ugly but it’s all over at 8pm.

You have been warned.