Points of interest

This could be interesting. I absolutely loved the book, I’m normally not a fan of that kind of writing, being much more in the mood for Chuck Palahnuick, but I’d go see this just out of curiosity.
Speaking of which (as in books), yesterday was the first time since, oh, Jasper was born, that I had the urge to start reading again. For someone who wants to be a proper writer, as in a writer of fiction, this state of affairs has been both horrifying and mystifying. Glad to see it might be over, just as I really won’t have time to read anything except how to cook meals from a can.
Chef asked me to stop being cranky last night, so I cried instead.
I need the internet world to know that I love my mum to the furthest corners of my cold, ungrateful heart. That I admire her, respect her and think she is amazing.
I just H.A.T.E. living with her.
In a nutshell it is all about privacy, me being fiercely independent and her drawing from her experience when she lived far from family and no-one came and helped her when we were little . That and just the standard generational differences.
Chef and I have been talking about the future. I like it.

What I’m watching

Virtually no commercial television because – eugh.

Sex and the City
Everyone loves Raymond

Whenever I can
Inside the Actors Studio (tonight they’re showing the Robert Downey Jnr interview and OH MY…swoon)
This Old House (although I always miss it)
Grand Designs (I think Kevin McCloud is one of the thinking woman’s many crumpets)

What I should but at the moment just hurts my head
Four Corners
Australian Story

But something I caught the end of tonight and found absolutely mesmerising
Choir of Hard Knocks
This guy – Simon – sang a verse of Hallelujah. Gripping.

Seriously people, Robert Downey Jnr is just H.O.T.