I’m kinda wishing I could be bothered posting some pics as I have new hair and was going to show you my massive hulking form as the 38 week checkpoint comes along.
But I’m really tired, and still resiliantly cranky and indeed, often indignant at the stupidity of others and what they say, how they drive, how loudly they eat and so on.
Don’t even get me started on what I think about Paris Hilton and her pathetic antics.
Ah, that homestretch of pregnancy, don’t you love it!

On another note, we have had some pretty wild and woolly weather here of late. Check out the SMH for some pretty darn awesome pics of the storms and their impact.


That’s a scintillating title isn’t it.
I’m abandoning a week in pictures this week because ENOUGH ALREADY with technology screwing with my mind and time this week.
Today it rained. Yey!
I saw my shrink. Yey!
I was in Balmain, so I went to this little unassuming cafe which sells the best gelato in town. It was freezing and I sat in the car in pure bliss eating my hazelnut and tiramisu cup.
There’s also a fantastic chocolate shop, so I went there too. And bought a box of proper, hand made chocolates.
Then I had my midwife appointment. All fine and very routine.
Although parking at Royal North Shore shits me to tears – as in the last two appointments it has taken half.a.freakin’.hour to get a park. SNORE.
Anyway, my appt was delayed for myriad reasons, so by the time it was over I had to do the school pick-up, but not before another piece of comfort shopping could take place:

except mine are a deep green.
My pregnant feet with toes like little fat sausages are in absolute heaven.