Australian Idol 08 – FINAL

Twittering about it live!

Idol ruminations – the final four singing American hits

OK, so yes, I kinda fell off the Idol wagon. Going away did it – I lost my groove and got swept up by life. As you do.

So … this week we were down to:

Wes – the outright winner short of him getting cocky or losing his voice but even that would not necessarily see him knocked from top spot.

Mark – the dirty rocker dude – well, that’s what they’re pitching him as, what with those dopey bovine eyes and hairy scary scars on his head.

Teale – the blue (green?) eyed chisel-jawed sweet country lad who could be a pop god if he just wasn’t so goddamn earnest and well, boring nice

Luke – the heavy metal t-shirt wearing shearer who’s so laconic he’s almost horizontal but who can actually sing and each week surprisingly steps up to the plate

Wes – sang an abbreviated Killers song which seems too fast and a weird rendition of What a wonderful world. Kyle was right, it was a bit Kermit.

Mark sang Baby did a bad bad thing and – if he’s your kinda guy – he pulled it off. At least he seems to have reigned in that aimless wandering around on the stage. I can’t remember what the other song was, but I think it was OK.

Luke – what a revelation – that hideous facial growth has been evened out across his entire jawline, the Death Maiden t-shirts are gone and the dude is in with a chance.

Teale – a whatshisname song – Justin Timberlake! that’s it! – and something else. The problem with Teale is this – yes, he can sing, yes, as the judges point out each week he has come so far but … snore. He’s just boring and predictable.

So – bottom two this week were Teale – no surprise, he’s in the bottom three ever week – and for the first time ever, Wes – Kermit obviously felled him.

Thankfully Kermit stays, Teale has gone. And so, we’re down to the final three.

I suspect the final two will be Wes and Mark. But my predictions have never been right before, so we shall see!

Idol ruminations – fifth week

So it’s rock week. Remember how bad last year’s rock week was?

Kirk Pengilly and Tim Farris from INXS are the mentors this week.
OH HOW I WISH there was another series of Rockstar.
Now that was good television.

First up, Luke Dickens singing Lenny Kravitz’ Are you gonna go my way.
Yeah it’s good. I kinda wish he’d change the energy level a bit.
Laconic does get a bit repetitive. And Dicko backs me up – wants to hear the different flavours of his voice.
He really is a contender isn’t he.
Wish he’d shave off that hideous bum fluff of a beard.
Kirk loves it. Kyle asks him what he’s singing next week for Motown and Luke cheekily says ‘something with light and shade’.
Kirk loves

Oh GOOD GRIEF, Thahn Bui is doing rock singing Linkin Park The sun will set (?).
Oh wow, I didn’t know this song was by them.
It’s so hard to reconcile this guy’s voice with his demeanour. Talent meets cheesy. Difficult.
Kyle nails it – there’s no connection between him and the audience. He can sing, he’s got a good voice but no one cares.
Dicko reckons it’s because he overthinks everything and that it has to be an emotional thing not like completing each part of your engineering homework.

Sophie Paterson singing Silverchair’s Anna’s song.
Wasn’t it only last week I was saying this wee

Teale Jabujenko is up singing Goo Goo Dolls Slide.
Is that shirt made of leather? He’s looking a bit chunky. Eugh, there’s a chain around the neck. At least that very manicured thin beard tracing his jaw line has gone.
Kirk and Tim are right in their comments during the intro – these guys need to start working on their stage presence, drawing the crowd down to the stage and manifesting the ‘let’s win this thing’ energy.
It was fine. A bit dull and predictable.
Kyle is asking if the facial hair is his attempt at George Michael.
Dicko tells him it’s time to take risks.
Marcia tells him it’s time to use his sex appeal.
Kirk sort of gives him a kick, says his disappointed.

Roshani is up next with the Foo Fighters’ The Pretender.
I think she could basically turn her hand to anything.
Missed the judges comments due to realising how late it was and sudden hurried efforts to get children to bed.

Wes Carr is singing U2.
Is it just me, but every single attempt anyone ever makes on a U2 song always falls a bit flat if not being an unmitigated disaster?
OK. So few of those attempts involve the imitator playing harmonica.
Is Wes every going to have a slip up?
Kyle admits he is his favourite. He’s got the goods.

Chrislyn is up. Can anyone believe she was in the bottom 2 last week???
She’s singing No Doubt’s Don’t Speak.
Wow. That was … powerful.
Kyle hated the beginning, loved the ending.
Dicko slams it.
Marcia says something but half the time I have no idea what she’s going on about. Something about unrequited love?

Mark Spano’s singing Kings of Leon Sex on Fire.
I’m a bit over him to be frank. Can’t believe he wasn’t in the bottom three last week.
He’s pretty good actually. Much better than he has been the last few weeks.
Kyle loves it. The judges are fawning.

Weakest – Thanh, Teale, Chrislyn (ouch)
Strongest – Roshani, Wes, Mark (ouch)

Idol ruminations – fourth week

First up – am distracted this evening as tomorrow? Well folks, tomorrow I’m leaving. Not quite on a jet plane and I do know when I’ll be back again (Saturday) but wheyheyhey I’m going on holidays!!!

So tonight is being taken up largely by emptying the boys’ wardrobes into bags and packed into the car.

So tonight is ABBA night.

My SM rang me before (she and my step nephew are meeting us at my friend K’s place for just a few days of the frivolity) and well, I missed Chrislyn’s performance. Gutted. Was it good?


Sophie did Gimme Gimme Gimme in her style.
How many weeks do you think the judges will give her before they say she needs to mix it up?

Thanh is singing The Winner Takes it All.
Wow, he actually looks like he means it. It’s good.
Maybe this is Thanh’s moment like The Man in the Mirror (or miwwor as she preferred) was for Natalie Gauci?
Judges love it, Marcia gives it a touch down.

Roshani is singing Money Money Money
Her hair looks weird.
She does a bang up job too.
Kyle was worried she was going to have a wardrobe malfunction

Wes Carr is doing Fernando.
Have I told you all how I love a man playing acoustic guitar?
And he’s lost the stupid hat.
I love it.
And I love that little ‘hey’ he does at the end of each song and a deep ‘thankyou’.
Marcia calls it courageous. Kyle wants to hear it on the radio tomorrow. Dicko thinks it was very very clever.

Mark Spano is singing Waterloo
Hmmm. There’s lots of walking around the stage. I don’t think he’s ‘connected’ with the song.
Listen to me.
Kyle said it was below par. Dicko thinks he lost it at Waterloo. Marcia says don’t let a song get on top of you.
Is it just me but is he coming over as arrogant?

Madam Parker is up next. Is it just me or is she looking more and more like a deer in headlights each week, even though she’s probably one of the best singers on the show?
She’s singing Dancing Queen.
Hmmm. Pitchy? Unsure?
It’s a bit … boring?
Dicko thinks she was spooked by it. He thinks she was apprehensive.
Her ‘shyness’ is starting to make my neck it

Teale Jabujenko is up next singing Thank you for the music.
Yeah, it’s OK.
Marcia thinks its the most comfortable he’s looked on stage. Kyle thought it was very nice. Dicko thinks the song is naff.
Why is it Teale who they say each and every week that his voice is getting better and better?

Luke Dickens is singing Knowing me knowing you. He’s making it darker and angrier.
And he does. And it’s good.
There is something so compelling about this guy. Which is so unexpected.
See, Mark Spano and Madam Parker were spooked by having to sing ABBA and this guy just steps up and does a bang up job of it.
Kyle missed the Ahhahs but thought it was a nice version. Dicko thought it was ABBA meets Wolf Creek. Dicko wants him to explore the sweeter part of his voice rather than the belting part. Marcia wants him to show a bit more light and shade.

I’m smarting that I missed Chrislyn’s performance. Felix says she was good. We shall see.

Strongest performances: Wes Carr, Thahn Bui

Weakest performances: Mark Spano, Madam Parker

Did I mention I’m taking the boys 6 hours west tomorrow? We’re going to hang in the country, go to the zoo and just have a way awesome time.

I’m not taking my laptop. I’m not twittering, facebooking or blogging. It’s a crazy crazy world!


Idol ruminations – third out

So the bottom three are Tom, Teale and Madam, which shows you what I know. Or don’t.

And here’s the thing – it appears to me quite obvious that the interviews and questions then set the person up for the fall. They did it with Brooke last week and OH MY GOD could it have been any more obvious this week that they were doing the same thing to Tom?

And lo, Tom is out.

Next week they’re all singing ABBA. Oh boy.