New Favourite

Her whole album, I’m yours, is brilliant.

New Favourite

I’ve told you about The Tallest Man On Earth before, but this is a whole set at a music festival. This is the only way I will be a part of a music festival. The whole idea of being jammed in with all those punters makes me hot and not in a good way.

I found this somehow today, basically looking to see if he was coming to Australia because I missed him last.

I’m feeling weird today. I just really want an all-enveloping hug from a man where I can feel swallowed up while drinking in his smell. That’s all.

Anyway, that’s not likely to happen any time soon so I shall keep listening to Kristian Matsson and grow accustomed to the longing.



New Favourite

Via Blackbird. Of course.

The playlist it is a part of is just lovely.



New Favourite

So the latest Macklemore was the anthem to our recent #madmaxberryroad road trip (I haven’t written about it here which is weird. I will do a recap this week), with it played generally a couple of times a day at full bore with us all (badly) singing along.

It’s quite something hey. (I kind of had grand plans to put together a compilation of all the holiday snaps to the song but, ludite.)

In all honesty, I truly thought the singer of ‘downtown’ was a woman so almost fell off my chair when I watched the official clip and realised it was very much a man.

Anyway, he’s Eric Nally and I reckon he’s all kinds of awesome.


New favourite

Saw it today.



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