Sunday morning

Brewtown in Newtown. Hipster apocalypse. 

New Favourite

Her whole album, I’m yours, is brilliant.

New Favourite

I’ve told you about The Tallest Man On Earth before, but this is a whole set at a music festival. This is the only way I will be a part of a music festival. The whole idea of being jammed in with all those punters makes me hot and not in a good way.

I found this somehow today, basically looking to see if he was coming to Australia because I missed him last.

I’m feeling weird today. I just really want an all-enveloping hug from a man where I can feel swallowed up while drinking in his smell. That’s all.

Anyway, that’s not likely to happen any time soon so I shall keep listening to Kristian Matsson and grow accustomed to the longing.



New Favourite

Via Blackbird. Of course.

The playlist it is a part of is just lovely.



New Favourite

So the latest Macklemore was the anthem to our recent #madmaxberryroad road trip (I haven’t written about it here which is weird. I will do a recap this week), with it played generally a couple of times a day at full bore with us all (badly) singing along.

It’s quite something hey. (I kind of had grand plans to put together a compilation of all the holiday snaps to the song but, ludite.)

In all honesty, I truly thought the singer of ‘downtown’ was a woman so almost fell off my chair when I watched the official clip and realised it was very much a man.

Anyway, he’s Eric Nally and I reckon he’s all kinds of awesome.


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