Meme victory

I have not idea why I titled this post that but it beat trying to type nahnahneenahnah over and over.

The quote no one got came from Adaptation.

As someone who writes, his internal procrastination monologue was so on the mark as to what I do almost every single day of my life almost made me pee my pants.

And as I sat there crying with laughter in one of those ohmygawdi’mnotalone moments for which the hilarity will never be repeated, Chef turned to me and said, “That’s what you do isn’t it.”

As if he’d just been told the secret of what makes women tick.
(It’s doing household chores without being asked and doing them well and not hoping against all hope that the briefest of hugs will end in sex or the shortest of pecks will become a full tongue pash by the way)

And I was all “I’m so sprung”.

Here is another most excellent quote:

Do I have an original thought in my head? My bald head. Maybe if I were happier, my hair wouldn’t be falling out. Life is short. I need to make the most of it. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I’m a walking cliché. I really need to go to the doctor and have my leg checked. There’s something wrong. A bump. The dentist called again. I’m way overdue. If I stop putting things off, I would be happier. All I do is sit on my fat ass. If my ass wasn’t fat I would be happier. I wouldn’t have to wear these shirts with the tails out all the time. Like that’s fooling anyone. Fat ass. I should start jogging again. Five miles a day. Really do it this time. Maybe rock climbing. I need to turn my life around. What do I need to do? I need to fall in love. I need to have a girlfriend. I need to read more, improve myself. What if I learned Russian or something? Or took up an instrument? I could speak Chinese. I’d be the screenwriter who speaks Chinese and plays the oboe. That would be cool. I should get my hair cut short. Stop trying to fool myself and everyone else into thinking I have a full head of hair. How pathetic is that? Just be real. Confident. Isn’t that what women are attracted to? Men don’t have to be attractive. But that’s not true. Especially these days. Almost as much pressure on men as there is on women these days. Why should I be made to feel I have to apologize for my existence? Maybe it’s my brain chemistry. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me. Bad chemistry. All my problems and anxiety can be reduced to a chemical imbalance or some kind of misfiring synapses. I need to get help for that. But I’ll still be ugly though. Nothing’s gonna change that.


The Movie Meme

I saw this at Lemony and thought – too much effort. Then I saw it at Canned and thought, oh this one has legs then. And then Badger did it and so did Blackbird. So here I am.

*** UPDATE *** You’ve done so well! Only one to go… (let me know if you give up)

I’m even going to print the rules:

  1. Pick 10 of your favorite movies.
  2. Go to IMDB and find a quote from each movie.
  3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
  4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
  5. GUESSERS: NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions. I mean, you can cheat if you want, but is it really that important?
  6. One movie guess per blogger. Give people a chance to guess before you steal all of the awesome!*

The movies

  1. I knew Kill would get the one about Babe the Pig There are many perfectly nice cats in the world, but every barrel has its bad apples, and it is well to heed the old adage, “Beware the bad cat bearing a grudge.”
  2. Well done Sarah O from lemon life, this quote most certainly is from Napoleon Dynamite Well, I have all your equipment in my locker. You should probably come get it cause I can’t fit my numchucks in there anymore.
  3. To begin… To begin… How to start? I’m hungry. I should get coffee. Coffee would help me think. Maybe I should write something first, then reward myself with coffee. Coffee and a muffin. Okay, so I need to establish the themes. Maybe a banana-nut. That’s a good muffin.
  4. Anonymous (who are you Anon???) got this one right – and indeed, it is seriously strange but obviously memorable, it’s I Heart Huckabees Say this blanket represents all the matter and energy in the universe, okay? This is me, this is you, And over here, this is the Eiffel Tower, right, it’s Paris!
  5. Jog it in Duyvken, it is most certainly from Transformers, a movie we have ordered on Foxtel so many times Chef went and bought it for us. Bumblebee is my favourite but Optimus Prime, well he is a hottie too…(Muz said it’s OK for me to lust after autobots) Hello? 911 emergency. My car’s been stolen! I’m in pursuit! I need the whole squadron, bring everyone! No, no don’t ask any questions, my father’s the head of the neighbourhood watch!
  6. Wehheyhey, snaps to Barbra for getting to double dip – it is from the c.l.a.s.s.ic. Footloose Did you ever get busted for boppin’? I mean, what is not to love about a movie in which a kid from out of town fights for the right to dance?
  7. Blackbird got this one – one of my current favourite movies, it’s from Stranger than Fiction You know there’s something called a nicotine patch.
    I don’t need a nicotine patch. I smoke cigarettes.

  8. Fannie Mae picked this one – it is indeed Shirley Maclaine’s character, Ouisa, from Steel Magnolias The only reason people are nice to me is because I have more money than God.
  9. Snaps to Barbra for getting this one – a beautiful lilting movie if ever I saw one, I’m still humming the main song from it and it has been MONTHS since I’ve seen it, it is from Once How come you don’t play during daytime? I see you here everyday.
    During the daytime people would want to hear songs that they know, just songs that they recognize. I play these song at night or I wouldn’t make any money. People wouldn’t listen.
    I listen.
  10. Jac got it – Fargo – the best movie for the International Girl Crush that is Frances McDormand Oh for Pete’s sake, he’s fleeing the interview! He’s fleeing the interview!

* Because of my existential doubt about whether anyone actually reads this, feel free to answer as many as you like.

Another day another ramble

So in other news, I’ve had Felix at home for two days with some gastro bug that is yet to reign down on this house in all its glory.
Because gastro in a house of six is something I’ve basically been sitting and waiting around for.
He went to school today and I let him wear sneakers with his uniform.
Because I just with the tears and the parental tones that would have followed had I said no.
Yup, the pinnacle of parenting right here.
I went to the gym tonight. And before you all go all cheer squad on me it was purely because I’ve got weigh in tomorrow and the three day Festival of Jasper followed by some ridiculous calorie intake today for no other reason than I could was enough motivation. G’ah.
Cathy tagged me. Which is kinda funny as her blog is called Srap4U. As in, she’s a scrapbooker and well, we all know what I think about scrapbooking. It’s up there with my opinion of dog lovers or more specifically dog lovers who feel it their right to pass judgement on those of us less enarmoured of such smelly high-maintenance creatures. And people who post pictures of their cats and think it’s legitimate blogging. I’m not holding it against her. Anyway. There’s all manner of ‘rules’ or some such, but basically you’re meant to write something about yourself for each letter of your name. I feel gibbed considering my first name only has three letters, something I’m still smarting about when it comes to what my parents chose to call me.

K is for kicking, which generally involved ball skills, of which I have very few.
I is for impression of which I have been told I tend to leave wherever I go.
M is for motivation of which I have in droves. It’s just implementation I find tiresome.

E is for energetic – which many people think I am and yet I am probably the laziest person I know.
L is for lazy – see above.
I is for idealist – I still don’t see why we can’t live in a world where no-one gets left behind and curiosity outweighed fear.
Z is for zebras, which are apparently impossible to tame which is why no people in Africa every domesticated them. Which also made me sit through Racing Stripes wondering if that was just a painted pony Hayden Panettiere was riding.
A is for appetite – of which mine seems chronically insatiable.
B is for bum or butt – one area of my body classified as ‘small’.
E is for editing, something I adore doing but when I think about it do very little and should probably do a lot more of when it comes to my blog.
T is for time, something I find goes either too slowly or too fast or at least never how I want it to.
H is for honesty, something I hold in very high regard… and hunger, which I find highly over-rated.

and Blackbird did one a few days (weeks?) back which I also liked. My blog as food.

A – apples. As in pies, crumbles, stuffed with brown sugar and sultanas and baked. Apparently you can just eat them fresh but they are so much more delicious cooked with sugar and butter. Oh, and Apricots – dried, soaked, stewed and served on creamed rice. Apparently these come fresh too but after one too many over ripe or furry feeling experiences I’m sticking with what I adore – dried ones. And not the dried whole ones, bleuch. They have to be large, apricot halves. Oh, and alcohol. Mmmm alcohol.
L – is for low fat. A concept so horrible let it not be said above a whisper for fear it will take hold.
L – lemons and limes, two ingredients I could (and normally do) use every day.
C – is for chocolate, something I can give or take. When I feel like it I can consume it in vast quantities, but otherwise? M’eh. Current favourite is Green & Black’s Maya Gold which is only because I can’t seem to get its cherry, hazelnut and raisin or butterscotch here. Sigh.
O – is for organic. Which I kinda like as a principal.
N – is for Nana’s Tomato Relish. The recipe for which she refused to relinquish until she had done so herself, which meant I was given the recipe this week. Oh how she must have laughed and laughed from her grave on my first attempt.
S – is for sugar. Turner of all things good into better.
U – is for my ultimate dining experience. It’d feature (in no particular order and – obviously – not all in one dish) unlimited Piper Heidsieck champagne, oysters, fresh figs, rhubarb, goats cheese, pastry in as many of its guises as possible and raspberries.
M – is for meat, something I’m not that fussed about.
I – is for icing, something I adore.
N – is for nachos, something I confess to having quite a hankering for more often than I care to think about or admit.
G – is for green, of which I love nearly everything – green beans, peas, snow peas, broad beans, zucchini, green herbs, Asian greens (although bok choy makes me gag), silverbeet, English spinach (which I’m eating more of and gagging less on) and on and on it goes…


I think this is the first time I’ve actually been tagged … thanks Joanne!

There are rules with this meme but I mean, COME ON, we’re all so compliant aren’t we. I mean, who will punish? reprimand? penalise if I didn’t list them. So I’m not going to. Call me lazy recalcitrant anarchistic (and I promise my penchant for strike through will pass soon. Maybe.) But it’s all about eight random facts or habits.

1. I have an addiction to films like:
Adaptation – there’s a scene near the start, where Nicholas Cage is procrastinating from writing and OMG it was basically my own internal dialogue with myself that I almost wet my pants laughing the first time I saw it. Chef was all “what? what?” and then, when the penny dropped he was all “so that’s what goes on in your head when you’re procrastinating out of writing an article.” Yes, yes it is.)
I heart Huckabees – could Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin be any better?
Stranger than fiction – I am now obsessed with the coffee/cake shop look and feel that Maggie Gyllenhaal works in and that at some point in my life I will have/own/work in something similar.
Napoleon Dynamite – when E and I started working together I knew we would get on, but it was her recommendation of this movie (along with exposing me to GFY) that cemented the fact we will always be friends.
Little Miss Sunshine – I know it’s all kinda obvious, but this movie just tickles me.
The Royal Tenenbaums
Please note, some people would put Magnolia and Lost in Translation in this genre, or at least say “oh, if you like those you’ll like these,” but no, that is not the case.

2. I absolutely love making desserts and sweet things, but am finding a new enjoyment in the world of savoury, particularly dinners that are nutritious, (relatively) quick and tasty (of course). Any ideas or recipe sharing is more than welcome!

3. I would love to live in Canada.

4. While I always wanted a big family, sometimes I feel more like I’m living in a dorm than a home. You know the drill, that no-one else picks anything up off the floor, no-one takes out the rubbish/recycling without being asked, no-one empties the dishwasher or turns it on when it’s full, everyone leaves the bathmat on the floor so it never dries out and towels on their bedroom floor. I know this will only grow exponentially as our house is filled with four teenage boys (while on the flip side I can’t wait for this time filled with big lolloping boys and their friends eating me out of house and home and filling it with strange unplaceable smells that once are gone in many years I won’t miss one jot.)

5. I’m very particularly with how the dishwasher is stacked. Yes, this is just one small mirror to my OCD tendencies, but in truth it’s because our dishwasher is crap-lazy and if you so much as put anything resembling a plate or bowl on the top rack it won’t wash anything on the upper level. I also hate anyone doing my washing for me. Or hanging it out.

6. For over a year there have been seven blogs I read/check every single day. I don’t even know some of their names and yet call them friends and talk about them and their stories in my ‘real’ world. In the last month that daily list has blown-out to about 14. This is dangerous as it takes up a fair bit of time (that should probably be spent cleaning or working on my first attempt at a book) but also because it tends to laden me with self-doubt about my own writing, life and place in the blogging world.

7. I find grocery shopping deeply therapeutic and relaxing. Except if I’m doing it with children or partner in tow. They all start failing when there’s about three isles to go and that just shits me.

8. My favourite colour is green.

I’m meant to tag others but doing so makes me nervous and I also get all unreasonable, paranoid, dejected and questioning when people I tag don’t do it. Apart from that it seems every blog I read daily has been doing it so there’s no-one really left for me to tag. And yet I love it if anyone tags me. Go figure.

taking my mind off wondering if every little twinge is the start of labour meme

This comes from Muppinstuff who got it from White Thoughts who got it from some other people.

What are your favourite foods

Starting with fruits – figs, cherries, raspberries, white nectarines, glorious juicy peaches and clementines.

Moving to sweets and treats – a delicious dollopy tart lemon butter, lemon tart, or a good quality fruit tart filled with creme patissiere and topped with luscious glazed strawberries, or any or all of lemon, strawberry or raspberry gelato. there is also always room for pavlova – or even better, a heavenly mess of crushed meringue folded through lightly whipped cream and fresh raspberries. But really? Any fruit based dessert gets my nod. Although I am quite partial to creamed rice and proper custard.

On to dairy which takes in Goats cheese any which way, but I have a particular hankering at the moment for one we used to get from Simon Johnson’s which was a little pyramid coated in ash or this incredibly stinky washed rind cheese which name has just escaped me completely.

In the meat department I am far more choosy. I could probably quite easily never ever eat any form of meat again and be perfectly OK about it. Go figure. That said, I do love duck, particularly in the form of Peking duck, and chicken – particularly with Asian flavours.

When it comes to carbohydrates, I am your girl. Give me a good quality sourdough (like from Brasserie Breads or Sonoma) with a gloriously green extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, freshly cracked pepper and balsamic vinegar and really I am one happy chickadee. Pasta is probably my favourite food base in the world and while I just can’t commit to making it myself (that whole effort/reward issue) I love nothing better than using some good quality pasta to create a dinner that everyone adores.

In the veggie garden, winter is my scene. Celeriac, jerusalem artichokes, potatoes, leeks and so on. That said, I adore using fresh herbs, am quite addicted to coriander, basil, mint and parsley. I think sage is a herb from the gods as is tarragon while proper pesto is up there as well. Peas are another addiction and I can’t quite imagine my world without garlic and all forms of onions.

What foods do you hate
Anything branded ‘lite’. Convenience foods like sauces in a packet, pesto in a jar (which I used last night and regretted immediately), maple ‘flavoured’ syrup and so forth.

Foods you like but are embarrassed to admit
Plastic cheese slices, melted on toast. Packet macaroni cheese. That Kraft cheese spread that comes in a jar. I’m blaming pregnancy on all of these.

Strangest food you’ve ever eaten and enjoyed
I love chickens’ feet at yum cha, but don’t really classify that as strange.

Cooking failures that still rankle
The lime version of my lemon delicious, where I didn’t grate the lime finely enough so it was like eating a lovely light sponge peppered with bullets of bitterness.
A lemon pasta from Stephanie Alexander that was simply inedible.
My first attempt at risotto – a seafood risotto at that – which I served up at a dinner party of 12 friends. The rice was crunchy, some of the mussels unopened and so on.

Ingredients you don’t want to consider living without
Pasta, flour, sugar, eggs, butter, extra virgin olive oil, olive oil, salt, garlic, onion, herbs

Current kitchen conundrum
Dinners that I can make now and freeze. The constant quest for new dinner winners. That I buy things with a specific dish, meal or treat in mind. Then when i go to use/make it discover it’s been eaten or already used (but the packet left behind so I am none the wiser).

Cuisine you’d like to know more about
probably Middle Eastern.

Foods you’ve hated but have grown to love
Brussel sprouts and spinach.