Aftermath #2

Grover decided to start sitting unassisted (as in not leaning on his hands) on Christmas Day.
Last night I moved Grover into Jasper’s cot in Jasper’s room, as we moved Jasper into a big bed (again) about two weeks ago (after the first attempt came undone by the cat jumping on his bed in the middle of the night and scaring the poor child half to death. Stupid cat.).
It was relatively uneventful in terms of Grover’s night waking disturbing Jasper, except for the 4am where the hell am I wailing.
I am sure it has been less eventful due to Jasper receiving a Thomas the Effing Engine doona cover and pillow slip from Nana and Grandpa for Christmas. A gift he carries around the house with him wherever he goes. Just incase he needs a lie down.
I really need to start feeding Grover solids in a more consistent way as I SWEAR last night I saw him salivating as we ate a very basic chicken stir-fry for dinner.
If I could just stop cooking for bigger children and grown-ups to spend some time making some purees.
Today is probably the first day in living memory that the house seems relaxed.
The boys are playing beautifully with each other.
Virtually no compulsory sibling antagonising whatsoever.
The sun is shining in that gloriously Sydney shiny way.
There is a light and cooling onshore breeze wafting through the house.
There is much cooking taking place but it is being done in a calm and orderly fashion.
Felix is upstairs with Grandmama learning how to play Monopoly.
Oscar is playing on his Nintendo DS.
Grover is crawling (and sitting) around the back room in his dedicating quest to find an abandoned Croc to chew on.
Jasper is having a nap.
There’s two loads of washing on the line and another ready to be hung out to dry.
It’s quiet, calm and relaxed.
And I’m struggling to remember the last time I felt like that.
I do believe that Crocs are to shoes what cockroaches are to the insect kingdom, tainting the whole spectrum of footwear and yet the most indestructible and prolific of the species.
Is it bad that I took the Christmas Tree down yesterday?
It was dead.
I was absolutely sick of sweeping up ALL THE FREAKIN’ pine needles
It was wreaking all kind of hellish HAVOC with my allergies
Not having the lounge room how it’s meant to be was making my neck itch
The children didn’t seem to care one iota.