Hagged harridan, social butterfly

So most of you are aware of how bitchy narky overwhelmed I’ve been feeling of late and then I have a week like this one.
One full of seeing dear DEAR friends.
Of just sitting down and catching up.
Of looking at the piles and PILES of washing on the side of the sink and thinking ‘wow, that’s quite a pile’ and walking away.
Of eating fish and chip on the beach as the sun goes down and the heat of the day eases just a little.
Of beach cricket.
Of having a house full of kids and a loaf of bread not lasting an hour.
Of three boxes of ice-blocks gone in a day and a half.
Of even more kids hanging out at our house.
Of the boys being allowed to ride their bike/scooter around the block.

Tomorrow my MIL has offered to take Jasper for the day so I can do something special with the bigger boys. I’m thinking The Powerhouse Museum, or IMAX, or the Aquatic Centre but any other ideas would be welcomed.

In other news…
Grover has started to pull himself to standing and today got up one of the two steps in our hallway.
Jasper has taken to playing hide and seek and responding with, ‘I don’t know’ when you say out loud, ‘I wonder where Jasper is?’

Just delicious.