Back on the horse

I am marking this week as my first back into the real world of paid work in what, three years?

I’ve got an article up over at Essential Kids. Go, read, share with your family and friends!

Damn, it feels good.




Points of Order

1. We seem to have entered a new era – an era of children playing together. Outside. Of their own volition.

Or maybe it’s just a phase.

Either way I’m basking in it.

2. The AusBlogCon seems to have been the catalyst for me regaining some semblance of a social life. I have been out more times in the last month than probably in the last, oh, three years?

3. One of these outings was to the launch of the RIDICULOUSLY talented Sarah Fielke‘s latest book, Quilting: From Little Things. I have photos and even video of me discussing which quilt I will be attempting. Such audacity considering I still have two quilts unfinished since August last year.

4. Another such outing was with a long lost friend and a brand new one via Twitter. Good times.

5. Today involved a quick trip to Picton to see some of the grandparents. I made a range of Jewish treats for my stepmother who, along with her cousin who was up from Melbourne, swooned at treats they hadn’t eaten in decades. Nice.

There was another reason I went to Picton, to support my stepmother in having a Nutrimetics party (hosted by the cousin from Melbourne). Now, if you are anything like me then such ‘parties’ make your neck itch violently. But there I was. And there was some really cool eyeshadows and lovely foundation and well yeah, totally sucked in and now considering joining so I can get the 20 per cent off. What? Once a tightarse, always a tightarse.

6. Jasper’s new shoes for this winter are Converse high-top rip-offs which are pink, purple, turquoise and yellow and covered in sequins.

7. This morning the family was privileged to experience Jasper dancing nude to Rage for more than an hour. Why yes, visions of a future with many happy Mardi Gras marches did come charging to the top of my mind.

But in all seriousness, I am really ever so chuffed to have produced a child so confident in and of himself. I have absolutely no idea if he is/will be gay or not, but man I hope he never ever loses his absolute self-assuredness.

8. My beautiful MIL is facing some pretty serious health issues at the moment. I have been in baking overdrive and would appreciate those of you that do pray/clap hands/see unicorns to do as you see fit to ensure she comes through it all.

9. In May, there is the Disability and Carer’s Congress in Melbourne. The Project – Every Australian Counts – is running a competition to select two Social Media Champions from each state to attend the congress and report on the event. If you have already, thank you. If you haven’t, would you mind going here and putting a vote in for me (Kim, 38, NSW)

10. And finally (goodness I promise the appeals for votes will end soon) Sydney Writers Centre are hosting the Best Australian Blogs Competition 2011. As you can see in my sidebar (you can click on the image and it’ll take you directly there) I’m one of a clearly very select 500+ blogs up for the People’s Choice Award. Go on. You know you want to. Please? Just one little vote.





A big day.

Somehow this:

turned into this:

I know! HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN. Well a hell of a lot of angst was involved, a fair amount of nights lying awake, a shitload of therapy, several snake0il dabblings and in the case of the parents a significant consumption of alcohol. That I know. But we’re here! We made it to the next BIG milestone.

High School.

Most of you are aware that Oscar is attending St Edmund’s School in Wahroonga. A special ed high school of the most special order. Go visit that website and tell me you’re not moved. Inspired. Blown away.

Yesterday was Day 1. Yesterday was also 4o+ degrees celcius. Oscar doesn’t do heat well so it was that more than anything else I was worried about.

More than the fact he’d been up at 11pm asking if it was time to get ready, then up at 3 and by my bedside showing me he was all dressed in his uniform and ready to go, and then, well, that was it. He was up at 3am.

He couldn’t eat and anyone who knows Oscar will know that speaks volumes about the kid’s nervous excitement.

His bus was due at 6.50am. Of course it arrived at about 7.25am.

Meet Mrs J. Mrs J has been hanging around with the special kids too long so talks to everyone as if they were special. A few times I felt like saying, ‘no, no, it’s my son with the brain injury not me’. Imagine one of those filibustering creatures who flap around in mass confusion while trying to create the pretence she knows exactly everything that’s going on. Seriously that Oscar even makes it to school let alone home from it is evidence greater forces are at work here than the law of physics.

And then, just like that, he was off!

I must say I did not shed a tear. I did not come undone. I was pretty relieved actually. AND MAN did I enjoy the silence that followed for the rest of the morning.

Then, at about 2pm, in the middle of Myer in Chatswood where we were hanging out in air-conditioning I turned to Chef with a quiver in my voice and queried if he thought Oscar would be OK.

Of course Chef looked at me like the bloody idiot I was being and reassured me that yes, Oscar was fine.

And here’s the thing, we had an awesome primary school experience but there was always an element in me of waiting for the phone call about some thing or another. About going on an excursion and would he be OK etc.

But here, at a high school specifically for kids just like Oscar? I have implicit trust and complete piece of mind. I mean, complete.

And I realised that in the almost 13 years he has been in this world, that was a first for me.

and just like that he was home.

A big day for all of us.


Pondering over. Decision made.

Chef is now* sous chef at Danks St Depot.

Word can not express how awesome this is. Danks St Depot has long been one of our favourite digs. It – and its owner/chef Jared Ingersoll – have street cred. It is a place of integrity, incredible food, awesome atmosphere, great staff and all round legendness (shut up).

You know how I said I had a feeling something great was about to happen? That something awesome was going to come by for Chef? Told you so.

* Well, from Thursday**. 
** Well, in about six weeks when the current sous chef goes over to Jared Ingersoll’s new venture, Cotton Duck. Until then he’s one of the crew and learning the ropes***. 
*** One of the things he’ll be adjusting to is a particular type of stove-top that Chef has never used before and takes some getting used to.