Woog & Berry – episodes 11 and 12

I am such a slack arse. Episode 11 was recorded two weeks ago, so maybe catch-up with that one first.

There’s so much going on, new love, new job, all the kids, life, commuting, I need to come back here. To share and to journal. Let’s get onto that shall we.




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  • JP

    Hi, I’m not on Instagram so don’t have a way of commenting on your feed but just wanted to find a way to get a message to you that you’re bloody amazing. I enjoy your cooking, your joyous nature, your wisdom and your love of family. I can see that you’re going through some pretty bad cr@p at the moment. I hope it all improves rapidly.

    • Hey JP – You are lovely! It’s all good, just part of the normal peaks and troughs with the Ogga boy.