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I’ve been thinking about this new years resolution malarkey. Last year it was to only press the lock button once when leaving the car, not the standard fifty. I achieved that by March so all in all a good year.

Naturally this year there is the compulsory 20kg I’ve been resolute to lose every year for the better part of the last decade but that was making me feel moribund and resulting in the consumption of even more cream (this season’s go-to apparently).

Basically my diet from the last two weeks.
Basically my diet from the last two weeks.

So I thought, what would I really like to do. The answer? I want to start quilting again.

So that’s my resolution for 2016, to start quilting again. Just clearing off the table where I do so will be no mean feat, having been consumed by boxes of lego and now largely inaccessible due to a keyboard rarely played.

But I’m excited. I need a new decent sewing machine of course so this really is going to be a year long resolution but the idea of doing something creative has put a kick in my step.

In other news I am getting old.

For the better part of a year I’ve had this, increasingly unbearable, pain in my left heel and mildly in my right. Self diagnosis and the experience of friends tells me its plantar fasciitis, apparently common in “middle age”. Also common in young people on their feet alot like athletes and soldiers but let’s not kid ourselves.

I put it down to a number of factors a) old, b) fat, c) live in thongs (flip-flops) in summer, and d) live in work boots in winter.

That’s right. It’s time for the orthotic, supportive shoes. My first foray into this realm has been a pair of fancy (read expensive) thongs that have improved the situation markedly. My SIL (not old or fat but also not a soldier so, anomaly) has already been down this road and assures me these will help cure my crippling pain in as little as three months.

I figure this is some sort of karmic arse-slap for all those times I mocked Blackbird on shoes she liked that I thought were ugly.

It's come to this, orthotic thongs. #old
It’s come to this, orthotic thongs. #old

I bought the pair on the far left but immediately regretted it and wished I had gone for the ones on the far right. The bling ones in the middle never stood a chance.

Another indication of my ageing is the athritic pain in my thumb joints but I’ll save that scintillating story for another day.

What’s news peeps. Christmas is done, new years is done, January is underway. How’s the world in your neck of the woods?




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  • I can recommend Birkenstocks for the old fat foot sore problem, have worked a treat for me but I will warn you that it took more than a month of 20 minutes a day to be able to wear ’em cos they just bloody hurt! Well maybe it was more my feet were fucked and need molding more than the shoes hurt. But persistence, which is NOT my middle name paid off. Ahh. Good luck with the quilting. Happy 2016

    • No! Birks were part of the problem! The shoe shop guy said Birks are good in principle, in terms of support, but bad in terms of cushioning as basically the cork compacts over time. I shall keep you posted!

  • cheekie

    Oh, I relate to everything.
    My hormones (lack of or swinging levels ) are driving me insane, I am officially a Michelin lady. I have spent latter part of year investing in carbs, sweet based carbs and some pure sugar. Am paying for it now.
    I wondered why I waddled like an ol lady…
    Quilting is an excellent choice of resolution. Best wishes to you and your boys for 2016
    My resolution is to be speak gentler and be kinder, to self and those close to me (big ask)

    • I’m doing it bit by bit. First step has been to step away from the hard liquor (it’s all back in the cupboard under the stairs behind some other stuff so out of sight and annoying to get to) and booze (none in the fridge) in general. And cream. No more cream.

  • blackbird of Tuvalu

    I am now, officially, a fat thin person…and, let’s see…I somehow injured my knee whilst stretching on a plane and, so, have been eating and not walking to work each day. The knee’s better and I’m back to work tomorrow, so walking it is. I was fortunate in that my wildly swinging hormones were completely knocked out when I was in the accident! Silver lining.
    And I still adore hideous shoes. And you! xo.