Kookaburras at night

I’ve suffered terribly from leg cramps for much of the last year and yes, struggled on. I may be the first person to suffer severe cramp from excessive sitting as opposed to exercise. On the advice of my BIL who is firmly indoctrinated into the cult of ka.ra.te I’ve picked up some magnesium powder instead of the largely ineffective tablets. Good Lord this stuff is vile. It’s like drinking a vitamin C tablet, you know the ones, those you’d steal as a kid for the sour/sweet hit as you ate them. Again, struggling on.

These summer holidays are drawing to a close and may be notched up as my laziest. I blamed our home-bound-ness firstly on Oscar’s daily nurse visit. This was largely acceptable due to them arriving sometime around noon. Of course we could have mooched over to the beach in the afternoon but that would have interfered with my napping. And this doesn’t explain the last third of the holiday so let’s move on.

Felix has fine-tuned his holiday program with a conviction I hope to see in his schoolwork this year cough. He seems to stay up until 4am-ish gaming on his pc and then sleeps until mid-afternoon. I’m sniggering at just how much the back-to-school reality is going to bite him on the arse.

Movies seen: Penguins of Madagascar, The Hobbit, Big Hero 6,  The Imitation Game (brilliant. I don’t get the Benedict Cumberbatch hysteria but he is bloody marvellous here) and Birdman (weird, brilliant if you view it as an insight into a schizophrenic mind. And Edward Norton is brilliant.).

The family realignment sees me cut free each Monday evening. This came about by necessity as if I stayed the boys gravitated to me and I ended up making dinner and completing all other nightly duties. So now I disembark. Last week I had mixed feelings about this and then, over a frozen margarita and some fish tacos, reminded myself how I used to yearn for such a reality. Now I either loiter at friends’ houses eating cheese and drinking champagne, sometimes cocktails, or buy the biggest bucket of popcorn and sit in a darkened cinema for a couple of hours. Last week I drove home and as I was fretting over just what may go wrong this year I spotted some kookaburras sitting on the overhead wires. Laughter in the black of night.

My wretched Ilve oven has packed it in once again. Last repairs cost something like $700. Cue hand ringing. To replace it I need a 900mm oven and all the ones I can find on the market are that width but not the height, so I’d need someone to come in build a frame around it. It all makes my head hurt quite frankly, on top of the fact the repair service I want to use (NOT the one I used last time) will not return my (many) calls. Things logged to be made: macaroni cheese, bacon and cheese scrolls, cinnamon buns.

School uniforms have been bought, shoes purchased, shopping done. I am simultaneously yearning for school to begin and mourning the end of sleep-ins and abject laziness. The likelihood of hearing my 6am alarm? Negligible. Likelihood of waking in a panic at 6:47 when Oscar’s bus arrives at 7:05? Stratospheric.

That is all.



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  • Paola

    Sounds like summer was exactly what’s supposed to be, including the back to school fear/love. Love your Monday nights, keep them up. Ciao!

  • Tim

    Good to read that you give yourself a reprieve every week. Hope that the Monday nights continue when school is back.
    Sorry to hear about your oven. Maybe try sweets made on the stovetop till you get your oven fixed?
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. This ex-student has been posting some what!

    • I tried leaving a comment on your blog but I get sucked into a wordpress.com vs wordpress.org sign-in “think” and it does my head it. So here it is:

      Oh man, have I been there. It is the strangest place of inertia and pure adrenalin. It is exhausting. You’re still in a place where you can see how you’re feeling is irrational.

      Call on that support network – you will be amazed. Saying “I’m not coping” or “I really need to not be on my own” will show your true friendships in an instance. Have a core group – even form a Facebook message group so you can keep them all informed on how you’re travelling. It also means they can call on each other if needed.

      Some advice – get thee to your GP even just for a chat. Also – get moving. 30 minutes of exercise releases enough seratonin to get you through the next two days.

      But remember, you are not alone. You will get through this. At the moment just work on a day at a time.


      • Tim

        Thank you! I really don’t utilise my support network. I will try to bare them in mind more. And exercise? Ergh! I will also try … xo

        • The exercise thing makes me angry it’s so effective. I’ve been pretty up and down lately and exercise increases the up. Ergh indeed.

          And your friends will be cranky you haven’t been leaning on them. I promise.

  • blackbird of Tuvalu

    Walking to the car after shopping yesterday I said to K:
    my abs are sore…I think it’s from getting up off the couch.

    • totally understandable. (and a long overdue hello. I’m currently reading the 18 posts of yours I am yet to read. Tardy.)

  • amelia

    Maybe laying low was what you needed. Xxx

    • amelia

      And much love to you. If you ever need a Monday night taco buddy I’m your girl.

  • Carolyn Manning

    As a fellow Magnesium taker you can get that in capsule form, no gagging required to get it down ya. Or looking at my bottle, maybe you can only get in in NZ? Worth a look, my brand is ‘GO Healthy new zealand’. Good luck!

    • Hey Carolyn – the capsules were not that effective, that’s why I’ve gone hardcore.

  • jac

    Ovens suck. The handle on ours snapped off and according to Miele a replacement (white, plastic) handle is $300+. Um, I’ll just pry the oven door open with my fingernails, thanks.

    Monday night tacos plus movie sounds like just the ticket. Hope you leave the days dishes in the sink too. xx

  • jac

    Ovens suck. The handle on ours snapped off and according to Miele a replacement (white, plastic) handle is $300+. Um, I’ll just pry the oven door open with my fingernails, thanks.

    Monday night tacos plus movie sounds like just the ticket. Hope you leave the days dishes in the sink without a backwards glance too. xx

  • Stomper Girl

    I’m glad you’re cutting loose on Mondays, and I hope you keep doing it.