Weekend roundup

I  love Friday nights. There’s something so reckless about them – drink! stay up late! watch another Scooby Doo movie (do they ever end? Is one churned out every week in some animation gulag?)! eat crap food for dinner!

This week it was chicken fingers which is basically a nugget but in strips rather than rounds. I know. Fancy like. And spring rolls. The spring roll addiction is a relatively new one, embarked upon following a family gathering where they were part of the offering. I have to buy the catering size packs because six of us can knock over 40 of them in one go. And when I say 6 I really mean 4 because the little boys don’t care for them. Weirdos.

Such is our love of the spring roll I made some from scratch last weekend. This was initially done under duress because it falls into a category of messy, time consuming, fiddly foods that are then vacuumed up in 10 seconds flat leaving me with not enough for myself and a kitchen resembling something from the Dresden bombings.

spring rolls pre-cooked

Spring rolls - cooked

I made vegetarian ones and ones with pork. The recipe was here. You must make the cucumber dipping sauce, it elevated them exponentially. For the vego ones I omitted the pork (obviously). I also doubled the recipe.


Cricket season started for us this weekend. Now some would wail and gnash teeth at an 8:30 start on a Saturday morning but I look on it as dripping with so much virtue you can come home and nap for as long as you like. Grover is playing this year and it appears our team has a group of wonderful parents I can gossip with to see that 1.5hrs whizz by.

I also had my very own play date under the guise of it being one for Grover. I met K at another kid’s party when I walked into the room to collect Grover and everyone else was in groups who clearly knew each other and were laughing gayly. I thought she looked normal and it turns out my radar was bang on. We then saw each other at another kid’s party and had more of a chat, confirming my initial reading that she was normal and one of us. So finally we got together on Saturday afternoon in a soiree that involved cheese, pate and wine.

We were standing in the backyard when she marvelled at our cucumber plants. Except she called them zucchinis. I corrected her gently until she said they looked like zucchini flowers and I simultaneously looked and saw zucchinis happily growing on my cucumber plants. There’s not much I don’t eat (stop laughing) but zucchinis is one of them. Frittatas and omelettes are others but back to the cuczuchs I’m growing. So now I’ve got three plants full of them. Hit me with your best zucchini recipes please.

Yesterday was pretty low-key apart from doing the grocery shopping. Stop it. Grocery shopping is a highlight in my week. I shopped at the competitor and my bill was a good $50 less. I hate this competitor but if it’s leaving 50 bucks in my wallet we may have to be friends.

Oscar’s School of Awesome do an annual concert with Years 10-12 and a nearby private girls school. It’s on this coming Friday night and is all Oscar can talk about. We had to go and buy some new black shoes and a green t-shirt for him yesterday. He only asked about when we were going shopping 3,000 times from Friday night so, winning. School of Awesome concerts differ from normal school concerts where you sit through an interminable number of very average children to listen to your musically gifted child. Every song, every item has you laughing or crying or both and the entire event is joyous. Oscar informs me (many times) this week is practice practice practice. I can’t wait.



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  • Alethea

    I slobbered over the photo of your spring rolls. I may have to muster up the courage/strength to make them. The concert sounds lovely!

  • Jess

    Look up zucchini haloumi fritters – far superior to fetta – dill, mint, spring onion – and I dare you no to eat the whole lot

  • blackbird of Tuvalu

    You know I love you, right?

  • jac

    I have terrible radar for sussing out One Of Us. I’ll just follow you around and sidle into the conversation.

  • Valerie Sweeney

    “normal” AND “one of us”? Not sure that was possible, love.

  • Kathy S.

    Uh yeah, what Val said. Pretty sure “normal” and “one of us” are mutually exclusive terms. I shred zucchini (and carrots) into any saucy dish involving minced meat (or ground meat as we call it here) — chili, pasta sauce, taco filling, lasagna filling, etc. You’d never know it’s there, it stretches the meat a bit, and hey, nutrition. Or whatever. If you’re worried the boys will spot it, just peel it first. It’ll become invisible, especially with a long simmer.

  • Linda

    The blandness of the ubiquitous zucchini slice (first cousin of the bogan salad) is a great base to build flavour onto by adding your own extras, spices etc. My friend also adds grated zucchini to rissoles to make the meat stretch further.
    Accidently stumbling across like-minded “friends” remains one of life’s delightful surprises. As do school concerts.

  • Paola

    Oh what I would give for spring rolls, homemade no less! As for zucchini, we practically live on them during the summer and we usually grill them and them sprinkle them with an oil/garlic/balsamic vinegar marinade or have the ever classic pasta con zucchine which is easy and pleasant, or stuff them with meat and bake them, or if you are really virtous eat them plain boiled (BLEAH!). LOL.

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