Our family has undergone the greatest of upheavals and yet still the wheels turn.

There’s an added labouring to getting the boys to school now though, they want to stay close, bunker down. But that is also part and parcel to this time of year as we hurtle towards Christmas and the end of the school year.

I’d say the boys are kinder to each other but that would be a lie. They are, however, more together. There’s battles here and wrestling there and tears thrown in for good measure, along with hurls of abuse and indignation at rules not followed.

I am still making dinner every.fucking.night. although yesterday was an afternoon of cooking the most delightful comfort foods – homemade spring rolls (a first and a triumph) and then cheese and bacon pinwheels for dinner. Have you ever made cheese and bacon pinwheels? Take a few square sheets of puff pastry, mix equal parts of grated cheese to finely diced bacon (so I made 5 sheets last night with 500g bacon and 600g cheese) then spread on the puff. Roll up, smear some water or egg along the final edge to seal. Cut into 6 even rolls then bake at 180C for about 15 minutes, maybe 20 – I’m unsure of time, I just go off how they look.

I tell you, if you’re feeling glum about your husband leaving you and abandoning your kids, they go someway to cheering you up.

The weekend also brought joy in a whole other form:

Zelda 1

Meet Zelda. Isn’t she delicious! Her tiny presence has transformed the house, taking the focus off things we have no control over.



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  • Eliza

    Any more indication as to why he has left? Is the ‘I don’t love you anymore’ an easy way out for him? Hopefully someone can help you with the school drop offs.. .and takeaway dumplings always cover the main food groups in my house hold! Take care.

  • Linda

    I ceased being a cat person on my wedding day (we were married in the church around the corner from our family home and my sister’s horrid moggie plonked itself on the train of my wedding gown as I walked down the aisle…bastard). However, I am prepared to make an exception for Zelda because she really is the prettiest little thing.

  • Alethea

    Zelda is gorgeous.

  • A female joining this lovely group of people in your family makes some of the rottenness less stinky… xxx

  • Zelda is such a gorgeous girl. I hope she snuggles up to you and gives you licks on your nose. Cats have a way of giving so much love while also giving you space when you need it. Thinking of you sweetheart xx

  • Little Miss Moi

    Hi Kim… Disqus isn’t the best thing for me and my shitty connection in Timor but I hope this message works. I had no idea what happened in your family in recent months, I feel so much for you – angry, pissed off, sorry. You’re an amazing woman and an amazing mother. You’re so strong. You’re a hero. xx

  • Paula Orbea

    Zelda looks truly amazeballs. If I wasn’t so allergic to cats, your photos alone would prompt me to get one! Much, much love to you. x

  • jac

    Now I want both a pinwheel and a kitten. Preferably in that order, so the kitten doesn’t eat my pinwheel. Although I would forgive this. Only from a kitten as cute as yours, though.

  • Paola

    And you question yourself? You are a ROCK. I admire you greatly. And getting a cat was a brilliant idea, they are adorable and give so much with little in return.

  • trash

    Girl power! You and Zelda together will take on all those stinky, shouty, gorgeous boys. Onward.

  • Kitty!!!!

  • Frogdancer

    You can tell you’re a gaming family with the kitten’s name.
    She’s gorgoeus.
    Keep on going. You’ll find over time things get much easier as everyone adapts. 🙂