Everything’s the same, everything’s different

The world is a place where everything can feel so nebulous and yet our feet are so firmly on the ground, somedays so heavy they feel gripped by roots, dragging us deep into the earth. How can two extremes play out at exactly the same time? How can it feel like everything can disappear in an instant and yet onward we tread, as if there is no choice.

Discovering that there is comes from a dark loneliness deep in the woods of our minds, where there are voices and terrifying sounds and not a glimpse of sunlight to guide the way out. I’ve been there, too many times as if once was not enough. The pain of that place is excruciating, like there is a vice around your head and nowhere to run. The news about Robin Williams has rocked so many of us. If someone so talented, so successful, so revered can’t find his way out of that forest what hope is there for the rest of us battling those demons every day? One of the oldest friends of a friend of mine took her own life two weeks ago. A month ago a plane of innocent people was shot out of the sky. At the moment there are innocent people of a religious minority trapped by religious extremists on a mountainside in Iraq.

It goes on and on. What on earth are we to do? Somehow we get up and live another day. We love our kids, we speak with loud voice when things are not just and fair, we make dinner, we eat all the feelings and despite the most of unlikely of odds we keep going. Sometimes doing that is so very hard. But we make that choice.


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  • Jess

    Beautiful post.

    • http://allconsuming.com.au/ allconsuming

      Thanks Jess.

  • Paola

    Well said, dear Kim, well said.

    • http://allconsuming.com.au/ allconsuming

      Thanks lovely.

  • Amelia

    I have been worried about you. So glad you writing.

    • http://allconsuming.com.au/ allconsuming

      Yes, not a good week over here. Should be working but just can’t.

  • http://www.mumdeep.com/ Ash Kaye

    Onward indeed. It’s all we can do x

    • http://allconsuming.com.au/ allconsuming

      and sometimes so infintesimal.

  • http://shamozal.blogspot.com Kirsty Rice 4kids20suitcases

    One step after another…

    • http://allconsuming.com.au/ allconsuming

      That’s it isn’t it. One by one.

  • DeepKickGirl

    Yes. We just keep going.

  • heidi

    beautiful post

  • Claire

    Just wanted to let you know , Kim, you are a truly life-enhancing person. Thank you for being so honest. You make a difference.

  • http://crossingfelicity.blogspot.com.au/ Mia Tan

    let us all be the light. 1 candle at a time…