Stuff ‘n nonsense

What can I tell you.

Felix was fourteen today. We celebrated with yum cha for lunch and pizzas “from the good place” for dinner. I am so in love with my boy at the moment. Did I tell you he came equal first in his year in an English assignment. I was so proud I thought my heart would burst through my chest. He was suitably nonchalant and embarrassed when I flashed the assignment in front of his English tutor’s face and gushed with maternal pride. He plays it cool my boy. I know he’s a worrier but he assures me that while he worries he doesn’t let it stop him from doing things. He’s in that strange intoxicating land of being part child, part teen and part adult. He’s thoughtful – every night without fail he thanks me for making dinner. He apologises when he’s sick and can be an absolute terror to his brothers. As it should be.

I’ve lost my dinner cooking mojo and we’ve been eating a lot of substandard fare because of it. Hit me with recipes for your dinner favourites.

I had a wonderful lunch during the week with real life and blogging friends. I realise I need to have a session like that ideally once a week to get me out of the house and out of my head. There are so many awesome women in my life.

Chef and I have been in a weird place of late. Nothing dreadful but not our normal comfortable fit. Disconnected is how I would describe it. But we’ve talked about it and we seem back on track. My world is unsteady without him by my side and nagging me for sex.

I had my regulary check-in with my psychiatrist this week. We’d done some bloodwork to see how my lithium levels were tracking and if my liver was OK (one of my meds can affect it). He also tested my thyroid – which,  for the first time since I was diagnosed two years ago my thyroid levels are in the normal range. Lithium levels were still low so we’re not quite there but I have to say, I’m feeling OK.

We are in the midst of applying for the disability pension for Oscar. I thought we were done but then a large envelope arrived this week requesting five other bits of information. One of those was the medical forms which took me and the GP about a day to pull together. Have I ever told you how much I love our GP? In pulling doctor’s reports from the wahzoo we realised he’s been our doctor for 15 years. Quite something. Anyway, I’ve got it all together now and must fortify myself for yet another trip to Centrelink to complete his application.

You know the work project that was going to kill me? It hasn’t killed me but gee, sometimes when you ask for feedback be prepared for people to be brutal. I’m not sure they knew I was the actual writer writing the material, part of me hopes not for their own reputation of being tactless and generally unhelpful. Anyway, I’m on the home stretch with it now and have grown very used to the extra income very quickly and hope other work will come from them.

I need to start walking or doing some form of exercise. It’s getting to be a desperate state of affairs.


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  • No dinner mojo here either. If my kids see another toasted sandwich or are told there are eggs and bacon, there may be a riot. Tomato soup was my last genius moment. Now? Nothing.

    • Toasted sandwiches here too! And store-bought tortellini with a tomato sauce. I can feel a rebellion brewing.

  • Rachael

    These are not so much favourites, but they are food you can make with minimal brain power when you need to recharge. I find as long as I have potatoes (new and old) carrots, onions, garlic, frozen green veg you can make almost anything (easy).
    Double every meal you make. Freeze half in big zip lock bags or eat the next day.
    Slow cooker beef strog/lamb casserole
    Honey mustard chicken
    Chicken / minestrone /pumpkin soup
    Curried sausages
    Frozen chips when you can’t be assed peeling potatoes
    Tacos/nachos/burritos get kids to grate cheese and chop tomatoes
    Steak sandwiches/burgers
    Omelettes/quiches with ham cheese mushroom etc
    Home made pizzas get the kids to chop toppings and make there own toppings.

  • Paola

    I am so glad to read about Felix, Happy belated 14th b’day! You see, Brizio is 13 and is giving me a hard time. HARD. He’s got exams the end of June, but I’ve been called in by 2 different teachers at school, that is BAD.
    Enough about me. I’m happy to read you’re feeling better. We ALL get weird stall periods with our partners, I’ve been stuck fo rthe past 3 months! Hey, don’t judge me … and don’t even mention dinners to me, usually we slice something or other or simply have a cup of tea or milk. We’re lazy in the evening, VERY lazy.

    • Tell Brizio I told him to pull his finger out – but now it is July so the exams have passed. I do hope it was better than expected. I wish culturally we worked the meal thing the way you guys do. To be lazy in the evenings is my dream!

  • Vicky

    Here’s something good if you like sesame. Pioneer Woman’s sesame noodles. You can add the meat or your choice, or not. It’s super easy, you mix up the sauce while the pasta is cooking. Google it if you are interested.

    • Oh, I used to make noodles like that using soba noodles. Thanks for reminding me!

  • Steph @MamaMarmalade

    I love our lunches. When we do them they are always the highlight of my week. How lucky are we having that bunch of insane women to call friends? When you want to come and start doing some exercise, I am always here x

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