We’ve become a rugby union family and that’s that. We have tried all the codes and arrived at union and nothing could make me happier. The season is just getting underway and so far all games have involved rain and biting wind. Perfect rugby weather.

Grover is as obsessed with rugby this season as he was with cricket in summer. His coach told me on the weekend he’s the best player on the team because he concentrates. Ahhh, so many other codes, so many of my other children sitting on the field picking blades of grass. I don’t care its the U7s, I’m taking that pass for parental gloating and running with it. He won man of the match last week so his coaches comment allayed my fears he may have peaked too early.


Felix is U14s this year and there’s just a bit more pressure and expectation on them all. They were season premiers last year so there is a reputation to uphold. He trains 4 times a week, twice at school, once with reps, once with club and loves all of it. To me he’s evidence of a teenage feeling – and being – connected in a way that makes them feel good about themselves and a part of something. Off he goes, size 12 boots and all.


So why have I fallen so hard for this sport? I think the first sign I had was Felix’s very first game. He came off after a couple of minutes and the age manager got down to Felix’s height and gave him the biggest rap. A pep talk with praise and advice. I was sold. Then there was the fact Felix was good at it, that helped I guess.

Did I tell you about the time we went to Maroubra to visit M and went for a swim? Oscar disappeared on me which was alarming until there he was, standing with one of the lifeguards directing people in the ocean to move back towards the flags. Grover turned to me and said, “Oscar makes friends wherever he goes”. Never a truer word was spoken.

All of Felix’s team mates have always accepted Oscar, none of them “briefed”, just a simple case of “that’s Oscar, Felix’s brother”. At rugby he stands with Felix’s coach no matter what. Rain, sunshine, good match or bad Oscar is there and C doesn’t mind one bit. So this season he approached me and said he had a spare jersey and would it be OK to give it to Oscar. WOULD IT.



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  • Reemski

    Heart bursting for you. Hope my little family finds a “space” like that one day

    • It took us a few goes at a few different sports!

  • Paola

    Sport is always good and if you managed to find one sport that connects them all, well, you’re set! Go Berrys go!!!

  • Of all the sports, I believe that a Rugby union breeds gentlemen and scholars… Kindness and caring along with a huge team spirit! Berry family you have found your place..centred..love this Kim.. Xx

    • That exactly sums it up. I love it too 🙂

  • Kathy S.

    I know nothing about rugby (we do have it here, it’s just kind of fringey as American sports go) but I love this. Seeing your kids find a sense of belonging, seeing them excel at something they love — there is nothing like it.

  • Among all sports in Australia. I l love rugby and cricket.. Here in Nowra Australia, it is fun and great to play here.