I am so stuck. I teach a course about blogging for God’s sake, I’ve been blogging for 11 years or some such nonsense but here I sit.

My brain is not playing fair at the moment. To be fair to it I haven’t been taking one of my meds for about a week because of a lack of funds to get meds and time to go and get them. But I’m really feeling it, the manic busyness of my brain all within a tightening vice and spiralling bad thoughts. Just 5mg of one little drug between me and sheer insanity.

The weekend brought the most beautiful surprises with my most beautiful and oldest friend K coming to stay with her husband and their son who’s just started at boarding school. Dinner was lasagne and caesar salad with pavlova for dessert, breakfast bacon and eggs. In between long conversations to catch up on everyone’s news. So the blackness has not consumed all. The weekend shone bright for a moment there and I sucked it into my lungs, buoying my soul.



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  • You know I was just thinking about you yesterday and was about to message you to say ‘how’s things’.

    I wish I had something more to useful to offer than just ‘thinking about you’ 🙁

  • I just read to the end of this and then clicked on the story of you and your man freezing your asses off on the night you first got together in Katoomba. And I laughed and I looked at the pics.

    That is the purpose of blogs to share where you are at, to get sucked into the vortex of time and read back on all those moments you choose to share – that get sparked by a memory or a song or something on the news. Being stuck means you get the chance to be unstuck. These stories are the reason why you teach people how to blog x

  • Would it have killed you to bring some of your pavlova to class last night? >:(

  • Paola

    Maybe a few more friends’ visits could keep you a bit distracted from your monsters. Can you arrange for more of that? Wish I were closer, I’d come each and every day! Truly. I mean … with all your drooling cooking? How could anyone pass!!! HEART you.

  • Linda

    “Stuck” is probably a very good subject for discussion when you are teaching. The tricky bits are the bits we all learn from. And there is nothing more annoying than teachers who only cover the easy bits. If it was easy we could figure it out by ourselves?
    Glad to hear the sunshine is peeping into your days, that’s a good sign.
    (with one of my loved one’s, it’s a matter of 2.5mg every second day or everything goes to shit within 4 to 6 weeks…big time!)

  • I’m amazed that you’re blogging for more than eleven years.. Thats great. continue to inspire others.