The never-ending quest to lose weight.

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I lost 300 measly grams last week. THREE HUNDRED. I was so pissed off by that I’ve solidly eaten for the last two days. Because that’ll show me won’t it. What an idiot.

I’m > < close to doing meal replacements. MISERY.

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  • Sasha

    My pt gave me a rule when I first started working out which was find the scales and hide them for a month! Then find some clothing that fits but are a bit tight and use them to measure whether or not the results are working. Your body will replace fat with muscle in those early stages. Muscle is denser and weighs more so don’t get discouraged when you see little change in the beginning…

    • Thanks Sasha, everything is tight so I guess I’m half way there. I haven’t been exercising which is a large part of the problem.

  • blackbird of Tuvalu

    300 of anything sounds like a lot to me.

  • michelle sanger

    I reckon it’s really hard when you like food. Good food, healthy food. I am 12kg over my upper limit of healthy – not an astonishing amount to lose, but I want to lose it in a sustainable way. So I’ve cut down on carbs (bread, wheat etc), and cut out cake/treats. At this rate I lose 300 – 500 g a week. it’s g.l.a.c.i.a.l. And one meal of normal, or an ice-cream as a treat sees me taking big steps backwards. 7 weeks later – 2 kilos lost. Maybe that’s OK. I’m 45 – I think it’s harder to shft at this age – and understand from talking to older rellos that it’s even slower for them. We’re probably doing OK you know. xx