We’re two weeks in to a rather substantial punishment for one of the boys. I guess I should protect the guilty so let’s just say his name rhymes with helix. No phone, no laptop, no xbox for a month. A month.

Granted, I meted out that teenage death sentence in the heat of the incident but I am still of the belief it is fair for the crime. Every now and then my cold dead heart melts a little and I consider shortening the sentence but then he asks for his laptop back and my steely resolve is shored up once more.

I know the length is appropriate because last week one of his wails on not getting his laptop back was “I didn’t even hit him that hard”. He’s lucky I didn’t add another week for that one.

The weekday evening moping is deliciously excruciating involving a lot of lolling about on the lounge or the floor wrapped up in a blanket personifying misery.

But here’s the kicker, it’s SO NICE having him back when I didn’t even realise he was gone. We hang out on the lounge, tonight has been a relentless campaign on who can get in a tickle before the other one flees or, in my case, wets their pants in hysterics. There’s discussions about politics, about what he’s learning in science at school, about STUFF.

There’s two long weeks to go and I’m quite sure this week will be as hellish as the last with moaning and wailing but there’s a perverse pleasure in that anyway.


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  • Susan, Mum to Molly

    Hey Kim.
    I see you.
    And I see your blog.
    Looks fine from here…

    • I know – it’s so frustrating. Just Google choosing to ignore my presence.

  • Dannie Wallace

    Gawd you are so good i give in all the time to my teen she thinks she is da bomb (yer what ever) wanna extra teen lol x
    popping by to have a read of things . haven’t commented in ages but alas here i. am ta da….

  • Juststopspeaking

    I’ve done the same. LaptopANDphone
    Complete fucker when you realize you need to contact them and rely on the DEVICES!

    I survived. He survived.

    • I know! There have been moments when I realise I have his phone in my bag when I’m sending him a message! Whoops. Curiously he hasn’t asked for his phone once.

  • Paola

    Oh I like this. Very much.

  • So many parents give in. The kids know the parents will give in and don’t really care what the initial punishment is. Sounds like you are getting ALL the benefits of hanging in there. Time to get out the Uno cards.