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Some recent articles on the sexism displayed towards the PM.

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Following last week’s appalling display, here’s some reading for you:

John Birmingham says it very well in the SMH today.

My hero Annabel Crabb nails it.

This is another very good article from the weekend.

And I like what Paul Syvret says in the Courier Mail.

Stephanie Peatling does a good job of it.

Ben Eltham explains it in The Guardian.

And even the Irish are agog.

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  • ABC 702 Lover

    I believe she has dug her own hole, by playing the man and not the ball. The gender wars are a smokescreen for disastrous policies decided by a Govt run by the faceless union hacks, and so all parts of society have started feeding on this gender carcass. If she had focused on reinvigorating policies rather than playing the gender card, sailing would have a been a little smoother. As everyone knows, you cant spend more than you earn, so why have these hacks loaded us up with debt. Its embarrassing. Bring on Sept 14th!

    • I have to disagree with everything you say but there you have it, free speech.

  • ABC 702 Lover

    So you agree with me earning $1000/week and spending $1400? Doesnt make much sense at a national level. Doesnt bode well going forward. Look at Greece!!

    • Linda

      I also have to disagree with everything you say.

  • Loved the last two paragraphs of Ms Crabb’s article.