12 days to 40

On December 8 I’ll be 40. FORTY. I’m kinda stoked to be honest. My 20s were a nightmare, my 30s really really hard. The 40s better deliver is all I’m saying.

In the countdown I’ve decided to do a little series of things I am grateful for, things I love, things that make me laugh or things I’m passionate about. Yeah, that’s right, totally making it up as I go along.

But today, first cab off the rank is a recent life addition. A revelation if you will. Something I did not see coming but am so so glad it did.

CFA. CrossFit Athletic. CrossFit. Fitness cult. Crazy fitness freakazoids.

Remember this?

I’m six months in and a month into working with Pete the Trainer and can NOT emphasise how life changing it has been. I LOVE these guys – Pete, Meredith, Aeron, Christian and Wal. They work with peak athletes to sweaty masses like myself and do so with care, thought and genuine concern for your whole well being. There is not a grain of arrogance or ego or judgement, the whole culture of the place is “let’s make you the best you can be and help each other do the same in the process”.

post exercise glow…

In that 6 months I’ve lost about 5kgs, 8cm off my bust, 8cm off my waist and 4cm off my hips. It doesn’t sound like much but curiously I’m OK with it because it is the belief in myself that matters now. The weight will come off, mark my words, but to do that while healing my mind? GOLD.

So you beautiful outrageously fit and physically inspiring crew? I thank you. Do NOT ever under estimate the impact you’re having on people every single day.

gratuitous selfie


Forty. Can you fucking believe it.






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  • Hello missus, go the exercising mums! Of four!! 40 is so, so young, I hope you are having a massive fiesta to celebrate your complete youthfulness. I say this as an old duck at the opposite end of the 40’s. It’s been a lot better than the second half of the thirties, I can tell you,

    • Celebrations include dinner at Quay and a girls weekend away so yes, I am marking this momentous event! And your comments are VERY reassuring.

  • Go you amazing woman – I’m so inspired by what you have achieved already. I’m on the other side of 45 too – Enjoy !

  • I get it. SO get it. Our 40’s are going to be awesome. Just wait and see xxx

  • Mrs WOOG

    You rock the edge of 40 x

  • Leanne

    Check out the pins, and the cut shoulders! Go you spring chicken you!

  • You look awesome 🙂 I am so glad you are feeling good as well as looking good:) It must be the time for it – I have just embarked on 40 days of yoga, and I just love it.

  • SawHole

    This will be your decade!

  • Seriously?
    You look like a different person.
    And I suppose you ARE.

  • WOW!!!!


    e xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Oh honey.
    The 40’s are the BEST decade!!! I’m just reaching the end of it and it’s been the best decade of my life.

  • Paola

    God you look amazing! Not only did you lose weight but you look glowing and relaxed. Fabio just turned 40 last Friday so you are very close. He didn’t want to celebrate (BOO HOO) but you should!!!

  • Trust me. Your 40’s kick ASS. And you, my darling, are in superb shape to take advantage of it all. Happy days xx

  • You look great Kim, enjoy your fortieth 🙂

  • Look at how good you look! Yay you! Isn’t fitness fabulous? No one really gets it the way we former lardies do when we get the fever. And happy birthday to my fellow Sagittarius! The 40s are a fabulous decade.

  • claire

    you look amazing!!! yay!! you look radiant and happy and healthy 🙂 a different person from the remember this…