New Favourite

I started today feeling weary to my core. I’ve got a dumb cold making me feel miserable, my back/legs is/are still stupidly constantly sore, I had a stack of work to do and a whole new never-done-anything-like-it-before project happening mid-week. Throw into that the manic Monday Mum’s taxi gymnastics run 500 times for 3 different children and I was really really struggling. As all of the kids are now in bed (well, except for Felix who’s hanging with his mates online listening to really bad music) I can say: I may have the lead story tomorrow even though some very important person strung me along all day and still didn’t end up granting me an interview; I got AWESOME feedback on my materials for the never-done-anything-like-it-before project; I got four loads of washing done AND sorted AND put away; and we had the most incredibly good (if I might say so myself) lasagne for dinner. Funny isn’t it. The hardest of days ended up being awesome. Go figure.

Anyway, some more awesome, the first via the mighty Blackbird staring down Sandy:

That whole marching band ‘THING’? NOTHING like that exists in Australia. It’s awesome. In a completely dorky kinda way.

And this via Dooce: