Still waters

Yesterday I had a little jaunt into the city to listen to the head of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (have I told you lately how much I love my job?) talk about what’s happening around the world as we head to a low carbon future. (Sidetrack: did you know that the Kyoto Protocol ends at the end of this year? That the Kyoto Protocol II is being negotiated in Doha next month or that Australia has still not said whether it will sign it?)

As I got off the bus and walked up to the Lowy Institute the city was humming with workers heading out to get some lunch. It hit me full force that I really am not a part of that scene anymore. So many pencil skirts. Lots of pretty shoes. And suits.  Older, greying men with spreading girths versus a younger generation in gorgeous thick cotton collared shirts and suits tailored to within an inch of their seam allowance.

I slowed, catching snippets of conversation “It’s just not the right letter to send”, “I know about it because she put it in an email to Linda” and remembered being that ensconced in a business. Sure, I had my own pencil skirt on and a face full of make-up and yes, my head was full of facts I’d crammed about carbon trading and climate change so I wasn’t that far removed from these people but I felt different. Once I got back to my office (ie home), the gear was off, the face paint removed and there was a brief lie down (my back is almost back to its worst).

I adore my job, it came at a time my brain wasn’t working as it should and my stress was off the scale. But I battled through the panic and self-doubt and can appreciate it has been the best thing that could have happened. It is just the right amount of work in terms of hours (a five day fortnight), I am learning so much, it challenges my brain, it hones my craft, my deadlines are essentially immediate so I don’t have things hanging over my head or time to procrastinate  and most importantly it is a complete disconnect from my day to day life. I don’t have to commute, I can still work when my back is busted (on my “floor office” involving a yoga mat, pile of pillows and heat packs as required), there’s no sharing a manky work kitchen and I can interview big important people without a skerric of makeup on while in my tracky-dacks.

It’s been a rough year in the allconsuming house – as most years seem to be – but it appears the waters of my life have indeed calmed. You guys have stood at the ready, rallied as I fell, willed me back to my feet. My life is a crazy stress-addled one but I’m doing OK. Thought I should let you know. And say thanks.






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  • Kim, it is so wonderful to read that you are doing okay. I will carry that with me for the rest of the day. You deserve to enjoy what you are doing. You’ve worked your butt of to get there and you did it.

    Well done you.

    Love A x
    alison recently posted..Help! I Can’t Hear the Beat of My Own Drum.

  • shit. typo. i meant ‘worked your butt off’ not ‘of’. hate that.
    alison recently posted..Help! I Can’t Hear the Beat of My Own Drum.

    • don’t worry, did you see I had the wrong right (as in write) up there! Fixed it now.

  • You deserve it and more.

    Mary recently posted..Postcards Twenty One

  • Megan

    So happy for you, you deserve to have a job you love. Your blog is wonderful too, you should be very proud of it.

    • Thanks lovely lady – not sure about the deserving part but I’m going to take it while I can!

  • Love this, love you. What a bloody great job …. good on you. You got smarts AND a heart, bloody good quinella.

    Those still waters run deep.
    edenland recently posted..What I Have To Offer.

    • Thanks luv. I’m just going to bask in it for as long as it hangs around. We both know the road can throw in a hairbend when you least expect it.

  • Big smile, so happy for you! It’s great when life works isn’t it?

    • Isn’t it! It’s been a long time between drinks and I’m just trying to not forget how good this actually is.

  • I am so glad. xoxo
    Kathy recently posted..I’ve been everywhere

    • Thanks luv, I’m going to take it while I can. As we both know, goodness knows what curve balls are heading my way. I’m just going to let that metaphorical sun shine on my face while it is blazing!

  • Well done. It’s hard to balance family, work & financial pressures. I too enjoy reading your blogs. Hope you can get some relief for your back soon. I have a bad back too. My GP gave me gentle stretching exercises to do (when I can) and my Osteo recommended using Ice Gel which relieves inflammation & has a cooling effect (has Menthol in it), last visit he also wet a washer with tap water, wrung it out then put it on my back. It drew the heat away. He repeated this 3 times until the washer was only warm from my back & not hot. He said if the area was less inflamed it would be easier for my joints to move, he told me to stay away from the heat packs. This was great relief for me but of course it may not work for you.

    • Ridiculous isn’t it. It’s the first job that I think actually fits my life. AND is rewarding/stimulating. Thanks for your back tips – mine needs heat rather than cold – weird huh.

  • This makes me so happy!!
    E x

    • Aww, thanks bloss. Now, if they’d just freakin’ pay me…

  • Oh you want all that and a pay packet too?! Heavens!

    Lol jokes as my kids would say.

  • Yay!! Happy dancing here.

  • I felt peaceful for you reading this. You’re such a clever soul and I’m so happy for you that things are steering in the right direction. You deserve this. Now just to get that back of yours sorted ..

  • Paola

    Exactly what you said up there. You never know when life is going to throw you something or what that something will be.
    Well now it’s the time to sit and enjoy what you have, you deserve all the happiness you feel right now, and more.
    Well done Kim, well done.

  • Jane


  • Good stuff. Makes me feel not alone. I too work from home and I share the same sentiments. Sometimes I feel like I have to get out there and see what’s the latest..trends..clothes. Yay! I realized I need some shopping to do 🙂 What I do with my back pains…I get a weekly massage. You deserve it too!