I’m seeing my psychiatrist at 3:20.

He’s going to try and keep me out of hospital with some drug cocktail (by the sounds of it) and seeing me as often as he sees his wife (by the sounds of it).

Hospital is not off the cards.

As he said, “life trumps everthing”.



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  • Do whatever you need to do to keep you safe and well. xo
    Wanderlust recently posted..Oh god no, not the dream

  • Leanne

    Counting down the hours with you…umm, did you actually go swimming this morning…cos brrrrrrr! xx

  • Sending lots of love your way, darling. Thinking of you xxx
    What Sarah Did Next recently posted..Friends…

  • He’s a Keeper…and so are you. x
    Jody Pearl recently posted..JaM – a bit flat

  • You do what you can to get to a better place – I’m so glad to read you have someone to help you.
    Carli recently posted..Motherhood

  • Simone Lubbe

    A broken head can be a curse.
    So, so sorry you are feeling like this.
    Sounds like your psych knows what he is doing. All the best to you. I have only been following your blog for a couple of months but it is obvious that you are a terrific lady who can achieve in whatever you set your mind to and you obviously have a whole community of support.

  • Ms_Clutterbuck

    Oh mate have been thinking about you alot lately. I’ve got everything crossed for you that your appointment today is a huge step forward into feeling a shitload better than what you have been. Sending love xxx

  • I am SO glad I read this post before the one before it.

    Do whatever it takes xx
    Fiona recently posted..Starting Small

  • I love you Kim. You are one of the most beautiful woman I know. My phone is on all the time, you can call me any time. Anywhere. Am right here, sendin’ you love. XX
    edenland recently posted..Love At Second Bite

  • Fiona Ell

    Thinking of you lovely lady! Keep strong, although I know you feel far from it, it’s in you. You are an inspiration to so many, even at your darkest. Trust your shrink he is on your side, and so are we.

  • I’m out here checking in on you too, Kim. Rest when you can. Get out when you can. Go very easy on yourself. Sending good energy into the grid for you.
    alison recently posted..Building a wall of hands