the allconsuming guide to everything: cleaning a teenage boy’s bedroom

1. Don’t.

Seriously they’ll leave home eventually and as if you’re not fumigating, re-painting and ripping up the carpets when that happens. Just save yourself the heartache and cost of all those antihistamines.


If you

a) can’t help yourself,

b) need money for petrol/bread/milk,

c) can smell something worse than that heady mix of boy BO and Lynx, or

d) have not sighted the family’s beloved pet for a few days┬áthen:



Seriously, if it’s on the floor just wash it. I know it’s instinctive to just pick something up off the floor and sniff it but don’t. Repeat, back away from the smelling.┬áDon’t question it, don’t doubt yourself, just wash it again.


You’re olfactory system will be forever grateful.





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  • Paola

    I am slowly approaching this stage so I am going to print this to avoid any wrong doing.

  • Heidi Fitz

    Is it wrong i keep discretely sniffing my 10 yr old in anticipation of the ‘smell’ change .. you know ….cuddle and sneak in a quick hair sniff? i am dreading the boy-stench-infused-into-room stage! dreading …. his father’s adolescence was by all reports a nightmarish smell-o-thon … the dunlop volleys banished to the outside of a 15 story hotel window ledge in desperation is a fav FIL tale! i shall take this advice to heart! Hx

  • Linda

    having the luxury of living in a ‘queenslander’ (timber houses built on high stumps to allow ventilation due to extreme freaking heat) we built-in downstairs and divided the area into a ‘man-cave’ and rooms for the teenage boys.

    i just don’t go there and i figure that as long as i keep the dog’s shots up to date she can take her chances. from the sound of things they sound as though they have a full drum kit; a couple of tv’s; a PS or maybe 2; a number of amps and electric guitars and assorted ‘guests’ staying there. every now and then the smell gets to me so i yell threats (which they promptly ignore) and nothing changes.

    i so have the decency to feel some guilt about the carefree young females who may eventually face the challenge of taming ‘the boys’…but what the hell.

    i also find copious amounts of alcohol help me to cope with ‘the people downstairs’

    did i mention the cricket coffins; sets of golf clubs; gym equipment; basketballs, footballs and of course all of the footwear required for said sports.

  • At the moment my teenaged girl is shaping up to be a much piggier teen than my boy. He’s younger though, and not sweating yet, so I guess there’s time. Either way I will not sniff, or even pick up- I’ll just kick it all toward the laundry. Thanks for the tip.
    alison recently posted..Steph’s Place- ordinary home #3

  • C

    Yep another teenage girl that could rival the boys with clothes on floor, totes agree, stopped smelling and straight in wash…long hair, ewh and ponytails with matted hair and other stuff I will refrain from mentioning but she has a steady supply of lavender scented garbage bags available each month

  • I have a three your old boy that smells only of dirt and lollies. I’m a little scared of teenage boy smells. Love the tip to abandon the sniff test.
    Roar Sweetly recently posted..Toddler Milestones

  • Hehehe, love this!
    Amelia recently posted..Organisation

  • Too funny. Only girls here but I grew up with a brother, so I know that smell. Lynx had not been invented then either.
    Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right recently posted..How to raise a musical child

  • I have a 7 year old who leaves dirty washing on the floor and a 41 year old who does the same – do they EVER grow up?!
    Thanks for the good laugh!