Come in spinner

Have you seen this:


The first time I saw it I bawled. I bawl easily, this is well known. But I love this. Because it says it all really doesn’t it.

The hardest job in the world,

Is the best job in the world.

Fast forward several weeks from that viewing and I got a PR pitch to do something with Procter & Gamble.

I normally turn them down because they’re not my thing, not a good ‘fit’ with the blog and mainly because I don’t want to be seen as a freeloader. But this one caught my eye firstly because I like the PR company the pitch came from and secondly, the deal clincher, there was $5,000 up for grabs.

In what was a chance for P&G to promote their sponsorship of the 2012 London Olympics they had six of us bloggers up against each other in a series of challenges imagining life before P&G. Think hairstyling without product, washing up without dishwashing detergent, washing without washing powder (or washing machines for that matter), whisking egg whites without an electric beater.

Egg white beating
Stiff peaks

Game ON.

Emma and I both said from the get go we had our game faces on and so we did. It came down to the washing up without detergent. At first there was conjecture I had won outright but there was point tallying to be had. I held my breath.

A TIE. There was talk about doing the final challenge again – a fight to the death! I felt sick and thought I may well vomit into my manky tub of soap-flake-induced sudsy water. Then Emma piped up, ‘can’t we split it?’ I will be indebted to her for ever for saying that.

And split it we did.

Emma and I

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  • Mrs Woog

    Love it x

  • and the tears are falling here too.

  • Emmasbrain

    You are a brilliant sharer, and a whole lotta fun! Congratulations! Xx

    bigwords recently posted..Why I Blog

  • Paola

    And you look adorable too, to top it all.

  • Yay!!
    Amelia recently posted..Organisation

  • Yay!!
    Amelia recently posted..Organisation

  • Laura

    Congratulations to both of you! Pass the tissues. Sweet, sweet videos.

  • Denyse Whelan. Education Specialist

    Love youse both! Grouse chicks share the spoils!

  • Sarah Ryan

    Love the clip too and it reminds me of a family I know who took out a loan to get to the Olympics to see their child compete.

  • That’s such a great idea from the PR company – props to them.
    Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right recently posted..How to raise a musical child