Fat runner: 10 weeks to Tough Mudder


One day I’ll do one in another country.


Today I did my first pull-up. Not a proper one mind you, it was more an L-plater pull-up where you stand on a box, hold onto the bar (which is above your head) and push off to then lift yourself above the bar.


This shows you the burpee and the pull-up:

And this shows you how to be energy efficient when you all start practising this at home:


Yeah, I know. Cool.




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  • Ah, kipping. When Mr A first mentioned it, I thought he meant having a good sleep… Much more my style 🙂
    The Accidental Housewife recently posted..Facing the facts

  • trash

    Ummm … there was ice. Really quite large quantities of ice. Why? Ice in that amount cannot be a good thing. Please to discuss with The Titanic.