Grover is five. FIVE!

Grover 5

I had a disagreement with Mum late last week. She was adamant Grover’s birthday was today. I was equally adamant it was tomorrow. I had to check his birth certificate. Yes, it does appear, he was born on the 2nd of July, not the third.

I do not find it hard to believe this happened five years ago, becoming a mother to four children broke me big time for quite some time. If you want to really see the cold hard reality of new motherhood just go read any number of the posts I wrote in July 2007, it’s not pretty. To be honest, it makes me sad. I remember Grover arriving and me basically not being able to enjoy him, relax, recover or draw breath until I had a breakdown in May 2008. And even then that was hardly the kind of drawing of breath I had needed or imagined. Reading those posts I see how stressed I was, how tenuous my sanity must have appeared (and was) and how it was directly reflected in him. Poor little mite.

But here he stands, tall, brash, hilarious, stubborn, independent and wild. We’ve got a whole lifetime ahead of us but for some reason I feel like I’m finally drawing that elusive breath.


Felix and Grover
Clearly related



Grover's 4th b'day
Clearly brothers



Grover is 3



Kim and Grover 4July09


Grovey is 1


Just out
Just out.
Band of Brothers
Band of Brothers
37 and a half weeks 9June07
He was in there for another month after this photo
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  • Going from three to four – total freaking madness. I love your honesty, and I love that you were as huge as I was in my 4th pregnancy (bloody Heide Klum). If you don’t have bladder control issues I may never speak to you again. Happy Birthday Grover xx
    Kirsty Rice recently posted..What if?

  • Oh, happy birthday darling boy! And happy five years later, darling Kim. I knew it all would turn out okay eventually. (S’alright, I’ll just go ahead and smack myself FOR you.)
    Kathy recently posted..Summer continues apace

  • Happy Birthday Grover! Look at baby Grover! And the little boys! And you with long hair! Hope you all have a great day today….Kim you have BIG Kids now. Lots of them. Hats off lady friend, hats off x
    BabyMacBeth recently posted..Stuck in reverse

  • Kim-Marie

    Love the progression of photos. Your boys are gorgeous. That belly! Wow! I may have finally met someone who was more all out the front than me!
    Kim-Marie recently posted..Write Stuff : Magical Musical Memories

  • You are amazing, truly, and those boys are getting more gorgeous everyday
    Reemski recently posted..The Arrival

  • What a beautiful boy. Happy birthday, Grover! I love the photos from over the years.

    Three boys plus a husband nearly does MY head in and you have four. Congratulations to YOU, my friend, for making it so far. xx
    What Sarah Did Next recently posted..Crash and burn, baby…

  • Megan

    Wow Kim, what a beautiful post and what a beautiful boy. Happy birthday Grover.

    I read back through the archives you mentioned and holy toledo lady, it was hard wasn’t it. You are a survivor. Congratulations. I’s a massive big deal.

    My mum also had four and did it it hard too. She had her own home but a shit of a husband. I think she would have swapped the mortgage and ‘security’ for a loving partner any day. All your boys, including the biggest one(Chef)look very in love with you and that is something to be proud of and grateful for.

    x Megan

  • Such a thing!
    Happy day!
    blackbird recently posted..a fine day out

  • Happy birthday you crazy little lad, I look forward to reading about your skateboarding adventures.
    Amelia recently posted..Poorly Shod

  • Paola

    Happy (belated again) birthday!!! How sweet are all of them.

  • Happy Birthday Grover! And hello, allow me to introduce myself a little more eloquently that I did at NNB2012 (I think I plopped myself down next to you and goggled my eyes at your face, then your name tag, then said “you ARE Kim!”. I’m pretty sure I made no mention of who I was before turning my back on you to watch the next session, cringing in horror at my lack of social skills. I had just met Mrs Woog in person and was a little star struck, so let’s just blame her, ok?
    I am more of a Twitter and Instagram follower of your work, than a blog reader. I’m not really even sure how that happened. I do know I enjoy all your food IG posts. I hope to be coming back to this blog for a nosey around a bit more often now.
    Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky recently posted..Free Puzzle App for Kids

  • Thanks for your honesty.
    Meags K recently posted..Wish my Gran was here to share this.

  • who the hell is the woman with the long hair in the last pic?

    Happy Birthday to your little dude. He gets TWO days. Awesomeness
    kelley @ magnetoboldtoo recently posted..Enter hormones… stage left.