Fat Runner: comfortable discomfort my arse

This week’s training was sold to us as a “surprise”. I’m not sure about you but when someone promises me a surprise I’m hoping it involves air travel, ideally a fancy hotel, jewellery and eating enough food and drinking so much champagne my head falls off.

A “surprise” at 6am on Queenscliff beach was, I begrudgingly acknowledged, not going to involve any of those things.

Instead we got to do a 3.5 or 5km run, as many push-ups as you could do without stopping, 8x1minute sessions of sit-ups and, AND a 3.5 or 5km run AGAIN!

They didn’t tell us about the second run part until the second run part.

I decided to give it a red hot go and do the 5km run, after all ┬áthat’s what I do at home and this was flat and I DIDN’T KNOW THEY WERE GOING TO ASK ME TO DO IT AGAIN.

I ran the 5km from Queenscliff to Shelley Beach and back .

Queenscliff to Manly run
Death march

in bang on 30 minutes.

I did the rest.

And then ┬áthe last run? I did 1.5km. In hindsight I know I could have done the 3.5km and am annoyed I didn’t but hey, there’s always this week.




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  • trash

    Tell me it isn’t boring when I keep expressing my awe and adoration.

    • Oh no, you can shower me in awe and adoration as long as you like.

  • Mary J

    Yay for a 5km run in 30 minutes – that is excellent. Although I am with you, not much of a surprise as far as ranking surprises is concerned! Let alone going again after all that other exercise. Oh for drinking champagne – its been a while around here!!

    • I had some champagne on the weekend for the first time in an AGE. Went down like water.

  • I would’ve given up the minute they mentioned “run” so I’m joining in the awe and admiration shower.

    • The best thing about my Saturday morning ridiculousness – apart from looking back on it and going HOLY SHIT I REALLY DID THAT – is the long LONG hot shower I have when I get home.

  • I would have had to wade, at knee-depth, in the Tasman Sea.
    And, even then, I’m afraid…
    blackbird recently posted..Sunday, and also, Father’s Day

    • OH you wag. I was waiting for someone to say, YOU HAD TO SWIM AS WELL!

      There were people doing ocean swimming that morning, FREAKS the lot of them.

  • I wish you hadn’t told me that actually. I just cut my 20 min walk to 10 minutes because I couldn’t wait for a warm shower. And you ran. Double guilt for me today thanks to you Axx
    alison recently posted..Does the world really need another artist?

    • Ahhh, my job here? DONE.

      In all seriousness, I have been trying, WILLING myself to get out of bed early to exercise for MONTHS. Just can’t do it. Used to do it all the time, but now, just can’t do it.

  • I ran a k and then buggered up my achilles again.

    I am self soothing with bacon.
    kelley @ magnetoboldtoo recently posted..cakes, ipads and earthquakes

  • Laura

    Member of the Kim Awe and Adoration Club

  • From someone who literally cannot run around the block, my hat is off to you. And it is very very cold in Melbourne today so taking my hat off is quite a big deal.
    Julie recently posted..Just a typical day

  • Megan

    That is a big run, congratulations. I love your fitness updates, very inspiring. Some days you can run much further than you think and then other days it’s a struggle to get going at all. I hope that every Saturday is the former for you! Have you noticed any difference to your training since the hashimotos diagnosis?

    • In the last week I have noticed ‘something’. I can’t pinpoint it, just a shifting of ‘something’ in me. I feel a bit lighter? In both a physical and metaphorical sense – if that makes sense at all. My eyelids are definitely not as puffy – someone I haven’t seen in a couple of months who also has thyroid issues noticed it straight away when I saw her earlier this week. I feel a bit more spritely – although not this week due to dodgy sleep. I think it’s about four weeks since I started the new level of meds and it’s meant to take six weeks before you notice it, so we shall see.