Morning Tea with the Prime Minister at Kirribilli House. I KNOW.

Morning Tea at Kirribilli House

Today I met with the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard for morning tea at Kirribilli House.

I did not drop or break the good china. I did not spill food down my front.

I spoke with her about why I blog, how online media offers far greater opportunity for conversations on complex topics rather than a three minute news story with a grab from two sides of the debate and no acknowledgement of the subtle nuances (yes I actually said that) that come with any big topic.

And I thanked her for bringing the disability sector to the front and centre of the stage. That it affects so many people and how important it was. Then I got that little quiver in my voice – you know the one – where you’re about to get teary. I do it ALL.THE.TIME. and it SHITS me.

Kim Palmer Berry meeting the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard
World Leaders


I met Marieke Hardy and Clementine Ford – two ridiculously witty and irreverant women I was determined to win over with my own wit and charm. I was carrying the unfortunate handicap of having my hairdressing appointment this afternoon not yesterday so I had my M’Lynn brown football helmet hair on but they seemed to warm to me. Either that or they were engaging the smile & wave approach to the scary lady with the hipster frames.


And then I gave the PM a jar of my plum and cinnamon jam. I indicated that it was for her and Tim to have on their toast at brekkie at the Lodge and not for some staffer. There was much laughter.

A couple of hours later this happened:

[blackbirdpie url=”″]
It’s OK to frame a tweet yeah?



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  • Debyl1

    If I was you I would be so proud of that tweet I could not resist to ENLARGE it and frame it.
    It is an amazing memory to cherish.Good on you.xx

    • I’m trying to decide what wall to mount it on. Above the marital bed may be a bit much.

      • Susan, Mum to Molly

        Yeah, but so long as you mount the man too you might get away with it…

        • Susan. You really do belong here don’t you.

  • Crikey, girl, so glad to hear you were one of the few hand picked and sooooo happy you rocked it!
    And only you would hand out yummy jam to a world leader!
    Jayne recently posted..The Underground, China train travel and AUD

    • It seemed so naff but so normal. I mean, that’s what I do. I always give jam to people I visit! I did NOT expect that tweet though. I would say that I don’t believe it for a moment but I don’t know. Having now met her I’m going to allow myself a moment.

    • Handing out jam to a world leader? Perfect.

      I think you should make a wish list of jam-worthy world leaders and put it out there in the blogosphere and see how many you can actually hand deliver it to over the years to come. A little personal challenge.

      Allow yourself quite a few moments.

      I loved your retelling of the whole morning too. And that you used the opportunity to personally connect on disability services. Sincere, worthwhile and perfect. Did I say crucially important too? Crucially important, and I’d be surprised if she doesn’t remember it at least a few times as she’s spreading your jam across her morning toast. x
      alison recently posted..I don’t have a creative bone in my body

  • It would be remiss of you to not frame it and hang it above your marital bed. Remiss I tell you.

    Also: I love your essence, Kim Palmer Berry.
    edenland recently posted..Julia Gillard, the Bloggers, and the Agenda.

  • I feel tickled pink for you, Kim. Can’t stop smiling. Framing? Definitely. What a legend! x
    Paula recently posted..Truck Stop.

  • Block mount?
    Glowless recently posted..Backseat bitch

  • I

  • Frame it? I think you should tattoo it. (Also, GO YOU, how thrilling! I would have been an absolute idiot. See: reasons why I am not famous.)
    Kathy recently posted..‘Twas brillig

    • Oh there were moments of complete idiocy. It was hilarious and exhilerating and an honour and surreal. I am still a bit dumbfounded. Post CrossFit Bootcamp, I am still reeling.

  • Definitely worth framing. Even print it out onto stickers for ALL your jars of homemade jam. Friggin’ awesome. Good on you. :))))
    Melody recently posted..Winter is Definitely Here…

    • I KNOW – and here’s the thing, those little twitter windows are just the right size for a label…

  • Oh that is fabulous! Definitely a range of jam and chutney needed – new business venture: PMtea produce
    librarygirl recently posted..friday book reviews: more Romans and a new crime series

    • Believe it or not but Chef and I are hatching plans as we speak. #exciting

  • Leighrex

    KIMMY – DUDE am so THRILLED for you that you got picked to go too! Absofriggen-lutely you gotta frame that tweet. I reckon the PM musta thought you were HOT in your Hipster Douchebags – hence the tweet xxooxx

  • You are awesome KIM. It has to go above the bed for sure .
    Trish recently posted..A Big Internet Hug and Long talks

  • Super Sarah

    While I have been languishing in my bed with the plague. You have been hobnobbing with the PM…. OMG the jam, unreal. I am green with envy. Amazing!

  • Maxabella

    You frame that tweet! Awesome!

    I’m so impressed that you made the most of this incredible opportunity, Kim. You would have held your own in that room full of fabulous women without any effort at all. x

  • Linda

    oh you!

    hope you told the world leader NOT to spread it on banana bread/cake/quick bread.

  • Megan

    Wow, wow, wow. What a wonderful thing to happen to you and perfect gift – homemade jam is the gift that just keeps giving! You know what I get from that tweet Kim, she really, really liked you. Completely understandable of course.

  • Hiya well done for talking up disability to the PM . The situation is so bad… we left the country.

    I gonna get one of those NDIS buttons for my blog


    Jill recently posted..Oh travel, what have you done to my husband?

  • Oh Kim, I already knew you were awesome but… tea with the PM? Discussing disability services? Handing out jam? You are out of this world awesome!! And I love the PM’s tweet – totally worth framing.

    You are an inspiration in so many ways. And getting a little off topic (but it’s because of the topic, really) you seriously have no idea how much I admire you and am inspired by you with each and every new post. You rock and if I can be just a little bit like you when I grow up (even though, um I’ve got a year or so on you) I would hold my head just a little bit higher. You rock lady!
    Mandi recently posted..Cold and Hungry

  • you betcha it’s alright to frame it. blow it up too!
    Sara Foley recently posted..Dealing badly with the man-flu

  • Denyse Whelan. Education Specialist

    Not until I saw twitter yesterday did I know you were there & that made me HAPPY! So pleased that you went, did the “little quiver” in your voice to JG -so understand that – and you have a tweet to treasure. Pre hairdo day too! Wow. Looking fine. damned fine.
    “jam as made by KB, fit for the PM of Aus”
    D x
    Denyse Whelan. Education Specialist recently posted..“Is My Child Ready For School?” Seminar. 26 June 2012.

  • Really Worried

    greet that you met Juliar….lets just hope next time you meet, she’s a long way from Kirribilli House/The Lodge!!

  • I’m glad someone spoke about NDIS with the PM. Thanks for representing everyone who fall under the disabilities umbrella, including my son.

    Rhonda – Silly Mummy recently posted..Finding Help for Speech-Delayed Children

  • I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s account of the day – it’s like one of those movies or books where each scene or chapter is the same day told by a different person. Your chapter is called Jammin’ with Julia. Or something like that. So happy for you.
    Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right recently posted..Teens ‘deserve more credit’

  • Von

    So excited for you! Smart move on the PM’s part: finger on the pulse AND condiments! I would have been horribly nervous, I can’t believe you were so articulate and focused. Great day for Aussie Mums.
    Von recently posted..Untidy

  • Frame it 🙂 And thank you Kim for bringing up disability issues.
    Marita recently posted..Thank You!!

  • This is mega x’s awesome! EXCELLENT photos. Frame that tweet and whack it on your labels for sure. “The jam that hitched a ride to The Lodge with the PM herself.” Great gift, she’ll love it. Anyone who knits to wind down (wow) has got to appreciate a bit of homemade jam.

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  • Loved this Kim. As a recipient of one of your jams, Ms Gillard will never, ever be able to eat IXL again. Never I tell you. Glad you were able to bring up the NDIS also. Love that awesome things happen to someone as awesome as you. xxx
    Annieb25 recently posted..I’m a room full of packing boxes – that’s who I am.

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