Fat Runner Tough Mudder update.

So after the hilarity of my radio stardom last week Saturday morning heralded the return to the hard yards. It was my eighth week of my CrossFit Tough Mudder Bootcamp.

  • In that eight weeks I have gone from being unable to sleep on Friday night because of how anxious I was about going and the ‘what if I can’t do it’ mentality, to it being the absolute highlight of my week.
  • In that eight weeks I have come to truly appreciate that by the simple truth of me turning up, giving it a go and not quitting even when my legs are screaming, my arms are burning and my heart is about to stop it is pumping so hard that I can do it. I.CAN.DO.IT.
  • In that eight weeks I have, in one session, run six five-minute soft sand runs AND on three of those been able to push a little harder on the last minute.
  • In that eight weeks I have gone from being able to do three rungs on the monkey bars to going the entire distance – about two metres. Sure, that two metres (which I did FOUR times last Saturday) was using the outside of the bars not the rungs, but dudes, HANGING on, holding up my own body weight and FINDING MOMENTUM? So freakin’ proud of myself.
I can do this.
  • In that eight weeks I once stood, facing a wall, a weighted ball in my hands that I was meant to be throwing high above a line on the wall while doing squats and cried hot tears. Talking insulting words to myself about not being good enough and of being a total fraud for even thinking I should be there or could do it.  I know that voice. It’s been with me as far back as I can remember. I don’t know where it came from or why it’s there. I know that doing this and doing Tough Mudder is a very big part of me kicking that voice to the curb. I know it will raise its head as sure as the son will rise but I also know I’m getting better at ignoring it.
  • In fact, in that eight weeks I’ve cried twice – the second time was last week but that was because it was, for me, a brutal training session coupled with being ‘one of those weeks’ where my body just felt like lead. That I can even recognise this is a grand achievement in my book.
  • In that eight weeks I have, with one other CrossFitter, lifted a tractor tire and flipped it. Many times. Fuck that was hard.
  • In that eight weeks I have remembered that doing this, while hard and painful, is fun and makes me feel so good both inside and out.
  • In that eight weeks I have not lost a pound. I am hoping now the thyroid issue has been identified and meds put in place that goal – to lose the 15 kilos putting me at risk of heart disease and diabetes and a life in loose fitting garments – will come into view.





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  • http://saltycrunchybitterfresh.blogspot.com/ Kathy

    DUDE. You are a rock star. Showing up is half the battle, but you are doing SO much more than that. ROCK. ON.
    Kathy recently posted..Grilling for vegans

  • Megan

    Wow, what a journey. Well done and keep going. Exercise is awesome isn’t it, mostly for how it makes you feel. Strong, relaxed and clear. How you have not have lost any weight doing all that really shows the power of the thyroid doesn’t it. Now you have a diagnosis and the treatment that will follow, imagine what you will look and feel like in another eight weeks!

  • http://the-accidental-housewife.blogspot.com.au/ The Accidental Housewife

    Mate, you’re inspiring. Seriously. Go you good thing!
    The Accidental Housewife recently posted..Panzer ate my everything

  • http://gourmetgirl-friend.blogspot.com/ GourmetGirlfriend

    you are a MOFO inspiration dude. xx
    GourmetGirlfriend recently posted..A letter to my best friend

  • http://craftapalooza.typepad.com nicole

    Awesome Kim, love it. Congrats on sticking at it. PS Wall balls have been known to make me cry occasionally!
    nicole recently posted..rag rug complete!

  • http://www.tummyrumble.net Reemski

    Go you good thing! xxx

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  • Laura

    Congratulations! You Rock!

  • http://www.thekidsareallright.com.au Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right

    You are amazing.
    Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right recently posted..Every child is an artist, until they have to write an essay

  • http://www.pinkelephantsandlemonade.com BossyMummy

    In awe!! What an 8 weeks it’s been for you. Good luck with the next 8!