The Voice Australia and Keith Urban’s Undies

Last night I was here:

contain excitement contain excitement contain excitement

If you don’t know what this is then you’re dead to me. Move along. Nothing more for you here.

(OH OK, for those cultural elites among us, or perhaps just those who don’t watch tele (weirdos) these are the chairs from The Voice, possibly the best reality talent show EVER.)

There were some MAJOR revelations for me being ON SET as opposed to ON MY LOUNGE.

1. Seal and his creepy pedo snake eyes are no where NEAR as creepy, pedo or snakey in real life. In fact, in real life he’s this huge physical presence. AND he was wearing the most supple red leather boots. It took a LOT of self control not to fling myself at his feet and stroke the preshusssness.

There's no place like home, there's no place like home

2. I’ve never been a fan of Australia’s answer to Celine Dion, Delta Goodrem but I haven’t been one of the Haters either. Now? TOTAL CONVERT. My GOD that woman can sing. She has chops on her that bring on involuntary goosebumps and raise the roof. Absolutely incredible.

Also – the ONLY judge on the night to stay back and meet with the fans. Joel could not get out of there quick enough and Seal was not far behind him.

Ridiculous fairy princess outfit but what a voice

3. The host is some vanilla white bread English guy. He was funny and good at what he does but I still have no idea who he is and struggle to remember his name. Darren? Darin? Derwood?

Cute and good at his job. Still can't remember his name.

4. DEVO – Keith had some big dealio show on in the States that had been locked in months before The Voice got underway so wasn’t there. BUT, being the consummate professional he was hooked up via satellite for the whole show – which on his timezone had him up from 1ish to 4.30ish in the morning. FANGIRLING.

my face smoosh plan? FOILED.

Also, we got to see his undies.


(Photo via Helen Razer’s razor wit on Just B)

5. All of the contestants are great singers, that stands to reason. But ON SET, the difference between great and HOLY FUCKING GOD YOU ARE A SUPERSTAR is far more obvious that when watching on the tele. Chris and Greg knocked it out of the park in terms of performance, but Fatai and Karise? In a league completely unto their own.

Fatai is all of SIXTEEN and came out dressed as the human tampon but my LORDY BE that girl can sing. It affects the oxygen in the room. Truly.

A harp and a smoke machine = a HIT

Karise was up last and apart from being dressed in upholstery with Morticia hair and clearly being a bit nervous again, she alters the oxygen in the room. It’s incredible, truly it is.

6. The salmon female shorts tuxedo? Just as bad in real life (thank GOD she is a contender).


7. It was like I was coming home. Tell me it doesn’t look like I belong there every.single.week. I need some sort of job on set. STAT.

Missed my calling

The hugest shout-out to the mighty Di (@MsDovic) who had tickets and asked me along. We had an absolute blast. Next time we’re taking WAY more snacks and a six pack of Cruisers.

Goddesses in attendance



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  • You lucky devil!
    What fun!

    (Also, you look gorgeous!)
    blackbird recently posted..Memorial Day

    • You know what, that’s exactly what it was. Plain, simple, silly fun. So good. So very very good. And thank you. I was channeling my inner hipster.

  • Jac

    If all of the other judges were that much better in real life, it’s probably for the best that Keith wasn’t there… the entire room might have exploded in glitter and rainbows. And undies.

    • I think you have a point. A very very salient point.

  • I do like the voice, but best reality show ever? The Amazing Race. Obviously….
    Mommy Adventures recently posted..Dear parking jerk:

    • maybe I should clarify it as best musical/talent reality tv show. Because The Amazing Race? Yes.

      • Oh yes, I have an obsession… I even applied for the first season in Aus. Here is the video. Why did they not take us? We would have been so good 🙁
        Mommy Adventures recently posted..Dear parking jerk:

        • ZOH MAH GOD. WHY were you not chosen? The mind. It boggles.

        • You know, the friend who is doing Tough Mudder with me – we are both DEAD KEEN to apply. But it’s the pesky issue of who’d watch our kids if we got in. Bloody kids. So selfish.

          • Yes, I have that problem also, but I figure if I actually got on, I’d be able to work something out (i.e. hubby would just have to take a month off work and be a full time Dad….Bills? What bills? We’d just have to sell the car or something). I know I’ve only met you once (while earing lunch with Natalie Bassingsthwaithe…as you do), but from that very brief encounter, I know you’d be hilarious on the show!! You’re a funny lady. And tough mudder? You’re hard core! Ouch! sorry, baby just bit my nipple 🙁
            Mommy Adventures recently posted..Dear parking jerk:

  • Cat

    Love this! What super awesome fun for you & Di! X

  • MsDovic

    God you are freaking amazing 🙂

    No other person in the UNIVERSE I would have enjoyed it with more!

    Next Monday (even tho I’ll be on the couch this time) won’t be the same without you xx

  • MsDovic

    PS I love the salmon tuxedo outfit!

  • Denyse Whelan. Education Specialist

    I only watched because I knew you were there….kept looking and looking but still didn’t see I know who you went with…how awesome . Two fabbo ladies who need nights away from kids more than most! By the way, not a Delta fan either but maybe I should be a little more kind. As for Joel, I am disappointed but do you think it may have been because Nicole had the kids waiting for Daddy to read a bed time story? Hope so. For me, Seals shoes were the best part of him. Hey, I can have an opinion.
    D x
    Denyse Whelan. Education Specialist recently posted..Is Homework Helpful or Harmful?

  • I am so so so insanely jealous of you, of you both. Brilliant wrap up. xx
    Lucy recently posted..The A List…

  • Glad you had a good time. (Haven’t been watching it myself…)

    A friend of mine at work has been invited to do the Tough Mudder in New York.
    Frogdancer recently posted..Just a bit of administrivia

  • Oh, god, the undies! The under-abs! I want to press my face there!

    I don’t watch the voice *hangs head in shame* but once I find the tv remote, I’ll give it a try. Are cruisers compulsory?
    The Accidental Housewife recently posted..Mrs Accident is a crafty minx

  • Linda

    pea green with envy

    and thrilled for you

    the universe owed you a fun time

  • SO FUNNY!! You are friggin hilarious! I can’t tell you how jealous I am of you going to The Voice and with the gorgeous Di. Looks like so much fun x
    bigwords recently posted..The Panty Liner

  • Caroline

    Thanks for the insightful read, we’re going next Monday with VIP tickets so will get in, just wondered if yu have any tips? Did you sit or stand? Do you have the choice, what’s better? Where’s best to sit? Thanks

    • Get there earlier than they say – if they say 4.30 get there at 4. with VIP tickets you line up on the left hand side of the entrance. TAKE SNACKS AND DRINKS! When you’re going in go around to the left not the right. they give you that choice but then once you’re in the studio they will file you into seating. We went around to the left and while the seats were fine (it’s not that big) the singers angle out and tend to face more to the right than the left.

      ENJOY! It is such fun.

      • caroline

        So, to clarify, you said the left isn’t as good but to go to the left?!

        Also, I’m happy to sit, but my sisters in law want to stand, who gets picked to stand?

        Thanks so much for replying!

        P.S I like your blog, very funny!

        • caroline

          Also, I assume that it has to be soft drinks??

        • So, when you stand at the stage doors to go in to the studio, go around to the right NOT the left.

          When they stand on the stage they tend to look out/face more to their left – which is, if you’re sitting in the judge’s chairs, the right hand side of the room.

          Does that make sense!?!

  • Caroline

    Thanks for the clarification! Nd the standing people, how did they get there? Is it just first come first served?

    • So from what I can tell the standing crowd are the punters who come and start lining up at TWELVE FUCKING THIRTY. That non-ticketed line was longer than the VIP one and most of them won’t get it. I wouldn’t want to stand because basically you’re standing from when you arrive until it’s all over – which is almost 10pm. I’m too old for that.

  • Caroline

    Ooh I agree, it’s a seat for me too!!

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