New favourite

A few friends of mine were getting all hot and bothered the other day telling me who Jack White was. Jack White from the band the White Stripes. Last night I heard this, off his first solo album Blunderbuss. And then I found this guy dancing to it.


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  • This.


    The shit.

    Please tell me we can dance like that together one day. We can make up our own routine and just do a flash-mob-dance-duo all over Sydney and vlog it and you KNOW I’m not joking.
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  • Linda

    yeah yeah yeah

    typical – boy with energy to burn but still won’t make his freaking bed 🙂

  • Perfect.
    Thank you.
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  • Is it Jack White time? Have you seen Mason-Dixon knitting today? Have you seen Ben L’oncle soul cover seven nation army? My current fave…
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    • I had not even HEARD of Mason-Dixon (I’ve had to severely curtail my craft/knitting/crocheting/quilting blog reading because ENVY) so thanks for THAT. Am now off to look for this Ben L’oncle person).

      OK, THIS:

  • Thankyou Kim.
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  • I wish I looked like that when I dance in my kitchen. Very very cool. Unfortunately my moves aren’t as smooth 🙂 But I can assure you they are just as much fun.

  • Oh my god!!! This is some guy just dickin around in his room having a dance!!! Holy hell, the best thing I’ve seen in ages!!!
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    • Dude, go and look at it on YouTube – he has HUNDREDS of them. Some of them feature him shirtless and oiled. *cough*

  • sooz

    Who is this guy? Does he do parties? For one?