Awww, you guys made me ink…

because once this is done, I’m totally blaming the interweb.┬áThe ink that I have decided upon.


On the outside of my right foot:


On the outside of my left foot:

Never give up


In this sort of font/look”


On the thumb side of my left pointer finger:

A green (yoda) light saber

Think of the opportunities to use this – every time I try to use the force to bring the tv remote closer to me; every time I point at my kids to get them to do something they will then ignore me asking them to do, and so on and so forth.

On the inside of my right wrist:

but maybe a wooden spoon instead of the tongs.


On the inside of my right wrist (not across my back!):

quotation marks


Bring that shit on.


I have no idea of the timeframe (or the cost!) but there you have it. A plan. This approaching 40 mid-life crisis is working a treat for me quite frankly.



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  • Love it!
    Angela Savage recently posted..Touch of the Irish

  • PS Had my first tatt at 37 and have loved it ever since. More to follow, for sure.
    Angela Savage recently posted..Touch of the Irish

  • all but the lightsaber.
    kelley @ magnetoboldtoo recently posted..Competition in the blogosphere in words and pictures.

  • I’m with Kelley!
    The Accidental Housewife recently posted..Taliban Mouse

  • Ummm didn’t you hate tattoos ???

  • weird timing, was just looking at the post re ink yesterday and was admiring the kitchenaid! Love the light saber can you get a led light implanted into fingertip?
    Onward is a must! can’t wait to see them !!
    Good luck x
    Ruth recently posted..Awww, you guys made me ink…

  • Paola

    I say go to Oldest and have them done. If I ever had the courage to ink myself (NEEDLE PHOBIA!!!), I were to be 40 (GOD I wish!) and I’d sort of already thought about going to The Big Apple, that’s exactly what I’d do!!!

  • I was supposed to get a tattoo on my 40th. Hmph. Didn’t happen. There’s always my 50th! (In 4.5 years, oh God.)
    Kathy recently posted..Sixteen

  • funny on the light saber

    errrm I like the quotation thing, I have never seen that before… x
    sarah recently posted..7 Blog Photography Food / Styling Tips

  • You’re really going for it, Kim! That’s a lot of ink. I think it will be wonderful. x