Making my neck itch

I have much to tell you all but at the moment the world and pretty much all that is in it is giving me the absolute shits. For example:

  1. Someone commenting about someone wearing unflattering clothing thereby necessitating a whole week of dross on ‘is feminism dead’. For fuck’s sake people, GET A GRIP.
  2. A movie having a massive weekend and someone attributing it to ‘us’ being desperate for strong female leads in movies. Or maybe it’s just A REALLY GOOD MOVIE.
  3. All of my children forgetting I am their mother and thinking I am a pack horse. CARRY YOUR OWN DAMN DRINK BOTTLE SON WHO IS ALMOST THE SIZE OF A MAN.
  4. Lego’s new range of girl Lego. Let’s look at the cafe:
    Gender stereotyping at its best

    Let’s look at an ad for Lego circa 1973:

    Sanity prevails

    Apparently boys and girls could play with the SAME sets of lego in the early 70s, but almost 40 years later we need pretty pink and pastel sets for girls because there’s NO WAY they’d want to play with primary coloured Lego – and similarly there’s NO WAY boys would want to play with sets which make up a vet surgery or a shop. STOMP.STOMP.STOMP.

  5. Some weeks ago someone complained to our local council about the skate ramp next door. I’ve written about the ramp here and got PAID to write about the ramp here.

    I am guessing it was the challenging man who lives in one of the townhouses diagonally across the road from us, the same man who confronted Oscar’s driver on Friday because he beeps the horn when he arrives and was that really necessary. Also, the grumpy arsehole who lives in the nursing home/retirement village.

    Regardless, the council provided stipulations that had to be met for the ramp to stay. Stipulations I imagine involved paying sizeable sums of money to the council for ‘permits’ and inspections and the like. Considering the owners of the house are basically letting this original beachside should-be-heritage-listed house rot into the ground because they want to put a McMansion on it they were hardly going to fork over some cashola to allow a skateramp exist in the yard.

    So today the ramp had to come down. Vale ramp.

Onward. Stomping onward.


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  • This all sucks. The big one.

    Girl Lego? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

    Meanwhile, I’m still pissed that they introduced Hootabelle to Giggle and Hoot. If that’s not a ploy to sell more girl-related shit to little kids then I’ll be mightily surprised.
    veggie mama recently posted..Meatless Monday: A cheat’s recipe for Italian suppli

    • ZOMG – HOOTABELLE – how could I forget! I got stabby over that the other week as well. It is like there really is a conspiracy to make people stupid.

  • It boils my blood that nagging miserable people see the need to complain about things that have nothing to do with them or having any negative impact on their lives. Im sure the motivation behind it is they cant stand to see others enjoying life so they need to interfere just to be a bigger arse then they were before! What is so damn bad about a few boys being boys in the backyard?
    Oh points 1-4; agreed!
    jodie drescher recently posted..Welcome to Two Monkeys

    • I know. I KNOW. I am so so sad and angry and all the rest about it today. I can see where it comes from – something different, young men, the occasional loud party blah blah blah and it was a big step for me to get to know them but it has shown me to never ever judge, to get to know, to understand, to at least TRY. Before ringing council.

  • I love that photo of the boys and the skate ramp. What a bloody awful outcome.
    Cate Bolt recently posted..I Have A Dream…

  • oh it’s just so unfair! look at how happy everyone looks on the ramp – bloody councils and what is with the neighbour telling off the driver!!!!!!

    now I have to confess that keira is in love with lego friends but when I was growing up I had the huge lego castle set, my sister and I loved that lego set so much! little men with their little helmets! so much fun! We also had scalectrix too – no brothers just a dad who bought us boy toys as well as barbies!!

    I really hope things get better!

    corrie recently posted..last days in the house

  • Well I’m ranty about the skate ramp now! So unfair. Some people have nothing better to do than complain about others having fun. At least the boys are doing something and not graffitti or stealing or bashing people. They are also giving your boys some valuable lessons. That all stinks big fat stinky turds. Ranty.
    Annieb25 recently posted..The Prime Minister’s First Warning Letter

  • jac

    BOOO! And you know the complainer(s) will complain again once the boys skateboard in the street. Which they should do. Repeatedly.

  • It’s crazy and getting crazier – commonsense just ain’t that common and free thinking costs money – as witnessed this morning when at our local dog-beach I watched a woman put doggy floaties on her 2 Staffys, the pink one for the girl and black one for the boy.
    Sorry to hear about the skate ramp – great photo op though, should be on the front page of local paper with the heading ‘Backyard Skate Ramp dreams crushed by Local Council Fun-Police’.
    Good luck and I hope things improve.
    Jody Pearl recently posted..JaM – How you like your Flowers

  • Alysha in Seattle

    I heart the photo of the scrappy group on the soon to be removed ramp, Oscar looks so happy! So clearly skaters, all of them! So sorry they’ll loose their hobby spot!

  • The ramp situation sucks balls. Honestly, how often do people complain about kids loitering around doing nothing (I know, the audacity of them!) and then they take away something fun and community building. Well boo!

    Also girl lego. Sigh. Why can’t they include pink and purple in normal lego? But you know what I loathe the most about girl lego is it appears to be less technically challenging than boy lego. When I was shopping for one of those activity center thingies that babies sit in when Riley was little I had the option of primary colours (‘for boys’) or pink pastels (‘for girls’) and I chose primary colours knowing that she would find it far more intersting.
    Zoey @ Good Googs recently posted..325/365 How Do You Eat Spaghetti?

  • The Lego thing REALLY annoys me too. My girl plays with her brother’s Lego – why wouldn’t she?!!
    Sarah recently posted..Double take

  • Sarah Ryan

    The Lego thing has always been around for a long time.

    Emily got girly lego a couple of years ago for her birthday. The reason she got it was because she loved the girly lego that was her aunties from when she was little. This girly lego would be at least 20 years old. It just hasn’t been readily available in the shops. In saying that though she does enjoy playing with her brothers lego with him BUT he is not allowed to touch hers. The old girly lego is different to the new stuff they have brought out. Lots more colours and harder to do and usually always included animals.

    NOT HAPPY JAN re Skate-Board Ramp.

  • trash

    Agreeing on all the stabby-making stuff but mostly am seriously loving the photo of those skaterbois of all sizes.

  • That breaks my heart a little, that bit about the ramp.
    Two of my boys are skaters and I’ve always found skate-boys to be lovely fellows.Tough thing, though, a ramp like that in a neighborhood and, over in my neck of the woods, skaters don’t really get a lot of respect.

  • Paola

    Girl Lego. I’ve seen it all now.
    Sorry about the ramp. It’s true, adults complain about kids loitering and then? This. Boohoo.