New favourite

Try and listen only once. Just try. Then go and check out some of their other stuff, these guys make the tambourine sexy.

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  • Loved! Gorgeous geeky men …
    Mary recently posted..Postcards Seventeen

    • Indeed – I’m unsure what I think about the renaissance of the beard though.

  • Ah, the renaissance of the beard is a fekking epidemic over here. You’re not a good hipster without a beard, and these guys epitomize the whole beard, parka, geek glasses look.
    One cannot swing a dead cat in Brooklyn without hitting a dozen of them.
    They sound wonderful, though, despite being a visual cliche.
    blackbird recently thoughts on the Oscar gowns

    • See now I just want to dare you to walk through Brooklyn swinging a dead cat taking out hipsters. Oh how we’d laugh!

      • My children would adore it as well.