Back on the horse

I am marking this week as my first back into the real world of paid work in what, three years?

I’ve got an article up over at Essential Kids. Go, read, share with your family and friends!

Damn, it feels good.




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  • jac

    I did read it and I thought it was great. Yay for Oscar!

  • Well, that just bought tears to my eyes! So great to read heartwarming, happy stories with a dash of morality in for good measure. I have been accused of judging my teenage daughter’s friends before I really got to know them and it really is the best lesson to give your kids that chance to make use of the advice you have imparted and see what choices they make because of it. YAY!!

  • Linda

    you nailed it! well done.

  • ErinH

    What, no pics? Cough.
    Well done, Kim!

    • It appears all the boys have read the article and have totally cottoned on to me perving on them. Cover. Foiled. DAGNAMIT.

  • Kudos!
    I enjoy your blog.